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I was contacted by a sitting member of a county Board of Elections (which shall remain unnamed). I thought it would be enlightening to share part of the exchange with Civitas Review readers.

One of the board members comments:

… It should be noted that NC is generally voter fraud free (Wake County had 3 Democrat and 1 Republican cases of double voting fraud in 2008).  That is 4 reported cases out of over 4,000,000 voters.  MN, PA, CA, FL have had recent newsworthy fraud cases.  The subject of fraud is likely to get big as the emotion packed Nov. 6, 2012 election draws near….

Part of my response:

Thank you very much for forwarding me this email – I must say that reading it got me riled up.  While I appreciate your opinion, I could not disagree with you more!

I believe that your suggestion that "NC is generally voter fraud free" is naïve, at best.  The only difference between NC and other states (a list much longer than you have suggested) that have worked to discover, investigate and prosecute voter fraud, is that our State Board does not work to discover, investigate and prosecute fraud.  Our State Board (members and staff) have worked long and hard with the legislature and liberal advocacy groups to pass, collectively, the most liberal and deliberately obscure election laws in the nation.  They have succeeded in creating a system that makes it virtually impossible to detect fraud.  We should expect more than an "honor system" that requires "self policing" to protect to our precious votes.

Nuff said?

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  • Al Franken says:
    May 25 at 17:10

    Susan – you are in search of a solution without a problem.

    I can testify that there is no voter fraud in Minnesota.

    -Senator Al Franken

  • Jody Patterson says:
    May 26 at 09:59

    I beg to differ; voter fraud cannot be found if that fraud is not investigated. Democrates do not try to stop an act that gives them more power. I have been in line twice now for early voting and heard from an individual in line state that he had already voted 3 times that day for Democrates. How is showing an ID, which is now required for EVERYTHING but voting, going to disenfranchise a voter if an ID is required to vote. Oh, yeh that act will stop Democratic voter fraud.

  • Poll Observer says:
    May 26 at 16:08

    If a busload of seniors arrives at the polling place for curbside, and one person in the bus fills out ALL the ballots for them, is that not voter fraud. This has been reported as occurring in NC. Be a poll observer so documentation of such activities will occur. One report is not enough.

  • kathy arab says:
    May 26 at 17:39

    One Durham County poll worker recounted voter fraud stories in a lecture given to potential voters. As a poll worker myself, I can vouch for the security gaps in NC's "honor system." When is our legislature/state board of elections going to pass a voter ID law??

  • tim farabaugh says:
    May 27 at 02:09

    when my wife and I went to vote back in May,My wife showed her Driver license to the poll worker (to see how the poll worker responded).. The lady told my wife that she did not have her glasses!!But she LOOKED UP my wifes name on the list!! without the glasses.She lied to my wife!!!!!

  • Helen Hammonds says:
    May 27 at 11:04

    I see no harm in presenting a valid ID. Drivers License, or State ID card. In the case of Seniors, my grandfather and grandmother had Drivers Licenses. Even and expired license should be OK, as it has your picture. At the point where they can't drive, they should receive an automatic state ID based on their drivers license picture.As it is, anyone can walk in, give a name, and vote, if a name is on the list. I could have sent someone to vote for my husband, as his name was on the list in 2008, even though he died in August, and no one would have raised an eyebrow. Ridiculous.

  • tim farabaugh says:
    May 27 at 23:26

    a group home in fayettville nc had my mentally challenged sister, Maria registered to vote.. I'm her legal guardian and it took weeks just to have her name removed. They told me she had a right to vote and all she need to do is sign her name! anyone can look at her and see that she has Down Syndrome..Democrats will register any one or anything even dead ones to VOTE!!!

  • Rob Jones says:
    Jun 03 at 08:14

    A suggestion: For those of you who not only took time to read, but commented as well, please take time to investigate an organization I chose to be come involved with. "True The Vote" is a true 'grass roots' organzation (which has now branched out over the Nation) whose purpose is to prevent voter fraud and RESTORE ELECTION INTEGRITY!
    We, the American citizens, can no longer sit back and expect our elected officials to perform their duties without oversight and assistance. Our Founding Fathers wanted a public that PARTICIPATED in the process!
    IF you're interested in finding out more, please go to: http://WWW.TRUETHEVOTE.ORG

  • Hjav60MAxe says:
    Apr 24 at 01:02

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