Civitas Review

More Government = More Corruption


As the N&O reveals yet another case of government corruption in North Carolina state government, Sheldon Richman describes why liberals and "progressives" are complete hypocrites to express dismay over political abuses of power.

It’s funny how the people who push hardest for government intervention in more and more areas are the first to gripe that everything has become politicized. What were they expecting? Did they forget that government is a political institution?


So, memo to Krugman, Matthews, et al.: You can’t have the kind of government you want without people inside and outside the halls going to great lengths to get their hands on that power. You know it, and so does anyone who spends five minutes thinking it through. Enough whining already.

With politicians exerting their influence in so many aspects of our lives, the only shocking stories should be those that don't involve corruption. You reap what you sow, progressives.

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