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Quickest way to a federal job?


Unemployed? Need a job? Consider running for office against one of the President's supporters and you may find yourself on the fast track.

The Wall Street Journal is reporting,  that White House officials acknowledged having discussions with former Speaker of the Colorado House, Andrew Romanoff in return for his withdrawal from the a primary campaign against incumbent Democratic Senator, Michael Bennet.   President Obama campaigned for and endorsed Sen. Bennet.

According to a White House statement released yesterday,  Jim Messina a top Congressional aide within the White House contacted Romanoff  last fall to see if he was still interested in a job at USAID (Romanoff had filed an online application process with the Administration during the transition) and to determine " if it was possible to avoid a costly battle between two supporters."

Romanoff said he was committed to the Senate race and ended the discussion. According to Gibbs and Romanoff there was no job offer.

In a story in this morning's Denver Post, Romanoff acknowledged discussing last September three positions with a White House official which he was told "might be available to me were I not pursuing the Senate race."

No positions offered?  It sounds fishy and all too familiar.

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