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Rep. Jones Speaks Out On Navy Blog


When the district you represent contains a huge military base, you tend to focus your attention on  the Marines and Sailors that are stationed there.  Congressman Walter Jones (R-NC3) has an interesting interview on the Marine's V-22 Osprey aircraft on the Naval Institute's blog.

The interview delves into Jones' attempt to exonerate the records of two marine aviators that were killed in an early Osprey crash and why it has been important to him.

Jones has been criticized by conservatives in his district for his stances on the war in Iraq and when he breaks ranks with the GOP. Conservatives cannot, however, question his concern for the troops.

Best exchange of the piece:

"Do you ever worry that the publicity that surrounds your work to expunge the records of these two Marines will overshadow the less heralded—but quite worthy—work you’ve done for soldiers, sailors and veterans?

I do not. Issues dealing with specific individuals are very different than other legislative efforts. I am very passionate about our service members and their families and never regret bringing their courageous stories to the nation’s attention. In fact, these stories often provide the basis for legislative actions that I pursue.

In my opinion, Congress can often become too focused on programs and policies that it forgets about the people who are affected by those same programs and policies."

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