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The "People's Convention" up for sale


It appears the Democratic National Convention in Charlotte is up for sale. The asking price? One million dollars. Politico has reported that fundraising info is circulating around several K-Street lobbying firms detailing packages for the Convention costing up to $1 million dollars. Earlier this year the DNC pledged that no money form corporations or lobbyists would be used for the convention.  With this recent revelation the pledge looks more and more like a fig-leaf to cover the Democratic Parties Chicago-style politics. The Politico Influence  blog details:

PI SCOOP… DEMS UNVEIL CONVENTION $$ PKGS: Paper has been circulated on K Street on the Charlotte 2012 Convention Host Committee's fundraising packages as downtowners have begun keying in on how active they'll be in North Carolina this fall. The four-page document — which was distributed after an inside-the-Beltway meeting Democratic National Convention Committee CEO Steve Kerrigan held before the holidays — lays out four packages with special names like "Gold Rush" and "Dogwood" for big donors and fundraisers.

The top fundraising package is appropriately named "Presidential" for those who raise $1 million. In return, the convention promises a premier uptown hotel room, platinum credential package, platinum events package, concierge services and priority access for rental facilities. It also earns the fundraiser two tickets for the "First in Flight Series," a number of pre-convention events based in North Carolina with elected officials, political vets and others and four VIP tickets to the "Dialogue Series." But, lest that not be enough: every fundraising level from those contributing $50,000 or raising $250,000 to $1 million receive a lapel pin.

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