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Trump's Act Comes to Raleigh


Donald_Trump_by_Gage_SkidmoreI went to Donald Trump's rally tonight in Raleigh. My impressions begin:

The crowd filing into Dorton Arena on the state fairgrounds was younger than I had expected. Of course many people were middle-aged, but I was surprised to see how many teens and people in their twenties there seemed to be. There were also relatively few old people and few children.

It was like the crowd going to a concert by a country and western band that had been around for awhile, then suddenly had a hit that appealed to younger listeners. Or a show by a veteran comedian who had gotten a TV role as the testy, bombastic uncle on a youth-oriented sitcom, and both parents and kids were digging his schtick.

For the veteran performer headlining tonight was of course Donald Trump, bringing his presidential campaign to Raleigh.

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