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What McCrory Refugee Move Really Means


mcCrory refugee pr 11.16.15Maybe the most important thing about Gov. Pat McCrory's decision to ask President Obama to cease sending Syrian refugees is this: it aroused an explosion of support.

Our Facebook post asking people to thank the governor for protecting the people has been shared thousands of times as of this morning and continues to grow, reaching many thousands beyond that. Our communications coordinator, Demi Dowdy, points out that this is by far and away 0ur most popular post ever over all social media channels.

This is a national story. By now more than half of the nation's governors have also called for action to stem the flow of refugees into their states.

Critics on the left jeer at the governors, saying that they have no power to bar immigrants from entering. Others say those, like McCrory,  should have done more. McCrory, like some other governors, made it plain he was simply requesting that the federal government stop sending refugees here. But his and other governors' actions have far more impact than mere words.

First, McCrory and others by this action shine a spotlight on a major problem: Americans don't trust their leaders to properly control immigration of any kind. The issue isn't the refugees, it's that our own government has been lackadaisical in enforcing immigration law, or even complicit in undermining it. As New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie put it,“I do not trust this administration to effectively vet the people who are proposed to be coming in, in order to protect the safety and security of the American people.”

More important, McCrory and the other governors by taking this action are crystallizing public opinion and making it into a political force. As my colleague Susan Myrick pointed out, this isn't a legal action, it's a political action. McCrory and the other governors are channeling public anger and anxiety — and that may be working.

According to USA Today: "Congressional Republicans moved Monday to try to block funding for President Obama's plan to bring more than 10,000 Syrian refugees into the U.S., reflecting growing concerns by lawmakers that those refugees could include Islamic State terrorists."

Our governor and others, and apparently a huge swathe of the American people, aren't trying to rewrite the Constitution. But our officials aren't merely lawyers arguing over statutes; they are leaders, who inform us and at times direct the public. The governors are trying to prod the federal government to take real steps to keep us safe — not only today but in the future.

Speaking of leadership, an online search hasn't turned up news of how Attorney General Roy Cooper, who is running for governor, would address the issue. Matt Caulder of NC Capitol Connection is working to contact his office for comment.

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  • Alan King says:
    Nov 18 at 09:18

    We do not need to do anything that we will cause a terrorist situation in this state or nation . We need to cover ourselves and not wait and see like France did . I hope our State will stand it's ground

  • James Hogan says:
    Nov 18 at 11:08

    Are we a Christian nation? Or aren't we? If this country was founded on Biblical principles as so many conservatives claim it is, then we should throw open our doors to the poor, the oppressed, the persecuted. We should welcome them and afford them the blessings we enjoy–not rush to extinguish Liberty's flame.

  • Janet says:
    Nov 18 at 19:52

    Just because people are poor, oppressed and persecuted doesn't mean they are people of honest, good character. They might be, but then they might not be. Biblical interpretations can present its own set of problems. Liberty's flame within a nation's border demands that we vet immigrants for benefit of the current citizens that live in alliegence to the values of that state. Freedom can be undermined, destroyed by insurgency. We have a right to self-defense in our foreign policy. Especially in a time when a burgeoning caliphate has declared war on us, we need to vet harshly anyone who thinks they deserve to occupy real estate in a free country. This is the practical, proper, in fact, moral way to hold on to, champion liberty's flame

  • Tarheel says:
    Nov 18 at 21:54

    If it was women, young children and old folks I would not have a problem. As a Christian it is what we are called to do to help the unfortunate. however 77% of these refugees are males between the ages of 15 and 45 who have already proven in Europe they neither respect nor obey the laws of their host countries. Our own FBI has already stated there is no way we can vet these people or know if they have been radicalized. Our gov'ts main purpose is to protect and defend the citizens of our states and country. Their own religion is what is causing all the problems. Why would any sane person want to bring that here?

  • Charles Wellman says:
    Nov 18 at 22:32

    I believe we have the right as does the Governor to make the request!
    I also believe that states rights were gutted 150 years ago!
    If we do this is he prepared to meet them at the border and turn them back by force?
    I think giving the time frame involved to properly vet these and other immigrants/refugees, 6 months to 2 years that we should put them in the rosary to go FEMA camps under guard until vetted!

  • Larry says:
    Nov 18 at 23:12

    With a 19 trillion dollar debt,the last thing we need to do is add 200,000 more to the welfare rolls.All this to get 200,000 more Democrats that can vote.The western world is comitting suicide.Not one Muslim country that I am aware of is taking any of these people.They are going through Turkey to get to Europe.Turkey is not taking any of them.This is a well thought out plan to take over the world.If not then why are a huge majority of them young fighting age men.Wake up people.

  • KBR says:
    Nov 23 at 01:10

    @James Hogan, Christ said those who had been taught by his apostles who treated them badly and would not believe would have it worse than Sodom and Gomorrah. Told his apostles to shake the dirt off their sandals, even. So I am a strong Christian who feels that the dirt under my feet does not have to be shared with Moslems who don't know and don't want to know Christ! He told his followers to buy swords! Judge me NOT!
    Before you judge me and others, you had best read their book thoroughly and see what they plan for us! Takeover, and forceable conversion or else the sword! And Taqyyia!

  • kbr says:
    Nov 23 at 23:18

    Please go here and read.

    This is what you wish to unleash here.

    Please educate yourselves.

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