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William Barber Rakes in Taxpayer Dollars – Leads — Moral (no it is) — Money Mondays!


While the Rev. William Barber, head of the NCNAACP, likes to call opponents extremists and rant about the immorality of legislative actions, he never mentions one important detail concerning his personal interest. An organization associated with his church, Rebuilding Broken Places Community Development Corporation, of which he is the founder and still chairman, has bellied up to the taxpayer buffet to the tune of over $1.15 million in recent years. A quick search shows some but not all of the taxpayer dollars garnered by his organization (State Agencies come from NC Open Book:

State Agency

Child Nutrition Programs

Dept. of Health and Human Services


State Agency

Not Listed

Not Listed


State Agency

Support Our Students

Dept. of Public Safety


State Agency

Dropout Prevention Grant

Dept. of Public Instruction


State Funded

Econ Dev & Capacity Building

NC Rural Center


State Funded

Capacity Building (Jan 2013)

NC Community Dev. Initiative


 Tentative Total


As the head of the NCNAACP and the organizer of the Historic Thousands on Jones Street (HKonJ), he is the originator and ringmaster of the “Moral Money Monday” protests. Barber has said in many places that the HKonJ organizations are the organizers and force behind the “Moral Money Monday” protests.

It is a collection of groups that, like Barber’s group, has benefited handsomely from taxpayer dollars. While he cloaks his actions in morality and even the trappings of Christianity, going as far as wearing religious garb at the protests, his interest is really about that least religious of concerns – Mammon, or money.

He and his cohorts in the HKonJ organizing group do not want to lose access or control of the taxpayers’ dollars. This may very well happen if the current legislature continues to reduce taxes, reform government and stop funding special-interest groups.

So remember from now on to refer to the Monday protests by their proper name !Moral Money Monday” !

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  • csoeder says:
    Jun 28 at 17:53

    So is what you're saying that Rev. Barber :
    *feeds children
    *supports students
    *prevents dropouts
    *builds capacity and develops economies
    with public funds?

    Sounds good, nay, moral to me!

  • Thabo says:
    Jun 28 at 21:54

    So the hungry, children, and those at risk of dropping out of school are now a "special interest group". If I recall, at least the first two of these were of special interest to Jesus. I would say that Rev. Barber is in pretty good company.

  • Unaffiliated Voter says:
    Jul 01 at 05:20

    Ha, what you clueless people FAIL to understand is that such 'programs' are NOT to BE FUNCTIONS of OUR government! Let his charity raise their OWN money to fund THEIR 'programs', NOT the taxpayers !!!

  • jimmy says:
    Jul 01 at 05:30

    I think the Rev is an excellent politician and needs to run for public office. A good politician knows when to play the religion card, the race card and the American Express Card.

  • Glen Bradley says:
    Jul 01 at 07:03

    Assuming these services were compulsory for a moral society, wouldn't the money be better off in the hands of those affected rather than some middleman with a propensity to fiction?

    As for me, I believe more people would be provided for without the corrupting influence of government and their special interest directives. When you attach personal profits to government lobbies, then the lobbies will become obscene in their clamor for profit.

    When you let the government pick and choose which charities live and die, it is the poor and the underserved who always lose. Just like when we let the government pick and choose what companies come to North Carolina by tax breaks and incentives, in the short or the long run, workers always lose.

  • Jeanette Victora says:
    Jul 01 at 07:06

    I'm so NOT surprised. just another low life race baiter who is feeding at the public teat

  • Paula Hall says:
    Jul 01 at 07:08

    Christian charity is not to be part of the government if you are not allowed to mix government with politics. According to the Progressives that is the main thing getting religion out of government. Why the sudden change in tactics?

  • Doug says:
    Jul 01 at 09:20

    This is hardly surprising. It would be interesting to see how much he and his cronies skim off the top. We always knew these "protests" were about Willie getting his face on TV….now we know it is more about the money.

  • Doug says:
    Jul 01 at 09:26

    I wrote the Bishop of NC for the UMC church stating the same thing, that the church needs to take up the slack instead of trying to get the government to do their job. (Evidently we had some church "leaders" participants in the 6/10 protests) She wrote back that this is not a partisan thing…blah blah. My point is they were not " supporting" Tea Party protests when they were trying to restore fiscal sanity to the government, you know…hoping to preserve these programs for future generations.

    I also find it funny that the progressives are the first to insult the church and Christians, until they are there to promote one of their causes. Then it is all rainbows and unicorns.

  • Frank Monday says:
    Jul 01 at 10:56

    Hey Civitas… What did Rebuilding Broken Places Community Development Corporation do with the $1.15 mil? What outcomes did they produce? How much of that was paid to other corporations or businesses and who are they owned by? What percentage went to direct services? Does the corporation pay Barber or have other employees, and how much?

  • Kimosaabe says:
    Jul 01 at 11:25

    Living large on the taxpayer dime. Belly up to the public trough and the buffet table, Rev. The Grievance Industry has worked well for JJ and Sharpton so why not for you too, eyh?

  • ashamed of NC says:
    Jul 01 at 20:30

    I've never been ashamed of NC until now. What our local government is supporting is "Welfare for the Rich", yes, "entitlements" for the rich. They have theirs and they are going to keep it. At the expense of crushing others. Wake up people!

  • Gina says:
    Jul 02 at 10:44

    Ashamed of NC,
    I'm ashamed of idiots like you who think I must go to work to provide a living for you. I don't owe you nothing in life, I don't owe this immoral Rev nothing. Jesus said take care of the widows and orphans. To help the poor that they would always be with us. Are you any of those? Are you a lazy lib who thinks I should share the merits of my hard work with you. It's all I can do to keep my family up. Wake up and smell the roses, it's never going to work the way you think it should. What rich entitlements are the GOP benefiting? How man poor men have hired you? Corps with money are a good thing. Get real and you wake up.

  • Riprake says:
    Jul 02 at 11:40

    So what you anti-Veritas posters are saying is, if I CLAIM any money given to me is for

    *feeding children
    *supporting students
    *preventing dropouts
    *building capacity and developing economies

    then it is! I mean, it says so right in the title of all those programs, and nobody would ever LIE about things like that, right?

    Well, one side, Barber boys! You're a cold-hearted stingy bunch of skinflints. From now on, I say the state should give me a BILLION dollars through all these programs to do all this great stuff. Don't worry, you can tell from the names on those programs that every penny is going to a good cause, namely me. I'm much kinder, more generous, and more loving than any of you pikers because I know to aim for the really deep pockets.

    And by the way, before you ask, any questions about HOW I'm going to use that money are racist.

  • JRDF says:
    Jul 03 at 08:24

    Thabo says:"So the hungry, children, and those at risk of dropping out of school are now a “special interest group”. If I recall, at least the first two of these were of special interest to Jesus. I would say that Rev. Barber is in pretty good company."

    Absolutely Wrong!
    How many times did Jesus petition the roman government to take care of the poor? How many times did Jesus tell his disciples that the poor are his disciples responsibility, (not the government's)?

    Give to Caesar … give to God… That includes your own responsibility to the poor in your own community. (except for progressives, for them – Caesar (government) is their god.)

    In other words, Thabo would let a grandmother in the neighborhood starve because the poor are the government's responsibility not Thabo's.

  • Shirley says:
    Jul 03 at 08:34

    WOW I think we all must be asleep. This is wrong!

  • Robert says:
    Jul 03 at 10:12

    Where is the media and why haven't they ask some hard questions about the Rev. Barber instead of sticking a mic in his face every time he rants about the immorality of elected legislators who are doing the will of the majority.

  • KG says:
    Jul 03 at 10:41

    I hear a lot about how the "church" is supposed to take care of the poor, widows, and orphans — but what I see instead is the "church" using their "tithe" money to build bigger and more lavish "worship centers" with all the lavish trimmings, and very little of it going to aid the poor, widows, and orphans, or to support missions (remember "Christians" spreading the Gospel is supposed to be the main commission of the "church"). Yep, the "church" turned over the responsibility of the poor, widows, and orphans to the government many decades ago — so that they COULD build their lavish "church" buildings, and pay their ministers (with their sophisticated titles) their lavish salaries (gotta keep up with the Jonses), so as to reap popularity with the masses, and create their "mega-churches" and all under the guise of "glorifying God". HYPOCRITES! Cast the beam out of your own eye first, so that you can see clearly as to why people like William Barber have risen to where they are now!

  • Bill says:
    Jul 03 at 11:47

    this fraud race hustling pimp needs to be audited.

  • Bill says:
    Jul 03 at 11:49

    one item, just because this fraud puts on a rev.collar does not make him a man of God, in his case his boss is Satan and that's who he gives honor to. a complete an utter failure.

  • merlin says:
    Jul 03 at 14:26

    "Just another Marxist Monday"….
    led by yet another freedom-robbing Marxist.

  • Rattlerjake says:
    Jul 03 at 19:14

    Funny how gullible so many people are. So many comments congratulating Barber on funding charitable causes, but none of them see how he is nothing more than a thief in a reverend's clothing. Barber has been an absolute disgrace to the state of NC and to the "stupid" black community who follow him like he's a b*tch in heat.

  • John Galt says:
    Jul 03 at 21:46

    William Barber responsible for childhood obesity? We have a massive and growing obesity epidemic among low income children caused by government and charity overfeeding. William Barber is helping to poison our children with too many calories! Save the children, stop funding William Barber!

  • John Galt says:
    Jul 03 at 21:47

    $500,000+ for a food program run by William Barber Jr… Someone's been raiding the pantry!

  • Vernon says:
    Jul 03 at 23:01

    If the truth was known there is not many of these progressive types that call for more and bigger government who aren't at the government buffet. They scream about the right thing to do is help the helpless but all along they want the program or a new program because they are in line to reap from the government give out. What a bunch of worthless blood suckers they really are.

  • Floyd Hardee says:
    Jul 04 at 12:06

    I think the NAACP and the so called Rev. William Barber be put on an Un-American's List. They should not receive any tax credits, or financing, since they are racist, selfish, and tend to cause trouble and friction wherever they go. They need to be investigated. I expect there is plenty to be found that is illegal about their activities. I personally do not want any of my tax money to go to him or any similar organizations.

  • I feel sorry for your ignorance says:
    Jul 04 at 18:10

    Conservative republicans, as presently configured in the likeness of the tea party that has infected it, represent the greatest internal threat to the ideals of America that we as a nation have ever faced.

    As for morality? Intolerance wrapped up in the cloak of patriotism and evangelicalism isnt morality, its the same sort of logic that justifies any horrific act as moral. Claiming to listen to religious leaders regarding abortion, and then ignoring them when they criticize republican cuts to food and basic care i would seriously call problematic as well. Demanding that your employer has control over your healthcare, i would call at least as problematic as having the government overseeing those issues if not more ( such as basic birth control devices not even abortions ).

  • The real truth is out there says:
    Jul 04 at 18:21

    The 14 Characteristics of Fascism are also the 14 Characteristics of the Republican Party

    1. Powerful and continuing expressions of nationalism.
    2. Disdain for the importance of human rights.
    3. Identification of enemies/scapegoats as a unifying cause.
    4. The supremacy of the military/avid militarism.
    5. Rampant sexism.
    6. A controlled mass media.
    7. Obsession with national security.
    8. Religion and ruling elite tied together.
    9. Power of corporations protected.
    10. Power of labor suppressed or eliminated.
    11. Disdain and suppression of intellectuals and the arts.
    12. Obsession with crime and punishment.
    13. Rampant cronyism and corruption.
    14. Fraudulent elections

  • Ron says:
    Jul 06 at 06:50

    Before jumping to conclusions by the info presented here, I invite people to check the information at this link:

    Civitas charges that Rev. Barber isn't upfront about sources of funding for a non-profit political group in which he participates. This charge is from a non-profit organization funded by one person.

  • Ron says:
    Jul 06 at 07:18

    I believe it was President George W. Bush who proposed the Faith Based Initiative to combat many social programs. Now Civitas is trying to discredit the Moral Mondays Movement by charging Rev. Barber with something fishy.

    MM are criticizing actions being pushed by conservative legislators. The primary source of funding for Civitas also provided campaign funds for most of those same legislators. This is where that fishy smell is coming from.

  • David F from Raleigh says:
    Jul 06 at 08:31

    These are certainly valid points, Francis, and thank you for sharing. We the taxpayers appreciate the advocacy of the Civitas Institute (and I enjoyed the luncheon last week).

    One suggestion I would make is to dig deeper into the books for Rev Barber's nonprofit, as well as other similar nonprofits, as well as the state oversight of these groups. Many conservatives have pushed for downsizing government by privatizing these agencies / shifting it to the private sector. If these agencies are legitimate then these nonprofits are serving that purpose.

    Thank you for pointing out that Rev Barber has a direct interest in the state funding. Now please take the next step to see if there is anything improper going on.


  • Dave Burton says:
    Jul 06 at 08:34

    Does the "Rebuilding Broken Places Community Development Corporation" pay their chairman & founder a salary or stipend?

    In contrast to Mr. Barber's organizations, The Civitas Institute does wonderful work that benefits all North Carolinians, and Civitas doesn't take any tax money.

  • Donald Byrd says:
    Jul 07 at 08:23

    So can we get reports of how Rev. Barber spends the money?

  • Charlie says:
    Jul 08 at 08:18

    Separation of church and state. Public money going to private groups?

  • TeaPartiesAreCute says:
    Jul 08 at 10:15

    So, he used taxpayer money for the public good instead of using it to fund the construction of a Rose's store?

  • Joseph says:
    Jul 08 at 15:07

    Please do more work before reporting this stuff. If he was a real troll would not he have taken all the grant money authorized? They've used $855K of the total amounts granted. You failed to mention that this data runs all the back to 2007. So in 6 years they've used $855K to promote their initiatives, all approved by the state government. See if the money was well spent. Where does your money come from?

  • edeklaracja says:
    Jul 18 at 13:55

    Thanks , I've just been looking for info about this subject for ages and yours is the best I have discovered so far. But, what concerning the bottom line? Are you sure in regards to the supply?

  • wesmouch says:
    Jul 23 at 17:05

    I am sure that every left wing nutter supporting Barber donates 10% or more of his/her salary to charity right? The fact is that left wingers are tightwads, and love to spend other people's money not their own.

  • wesmouch says:
    Jul 23 at 17:06

    I heard the Reverend has a nice new Cadillac. Doing the Lord's work has its blessings

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