Civitas Review

State High Court Vacates Death Row Cases


Today the North Carolina Supreme Court vacated all four cases filed under the Racial Justice Act.  All four convicted killers who had their sentences commuted to life without parole by now-retired Judge Gregory Weeks will go back to Death Row. One of the reasons that the ruling was overturned was that three of the cases were heard at one time yet were unrelated.  The Civitas Institute has followed several of the victims families during their journey through the rulings and the families are now relieved that their concerns about the Racial Justice Act have been heard and validated.

So what does this mean in layman's terms?  Well, technically the four murderers are now supposed back to Death Row.  And the case will be heard in the local (Cumberland County) Superior Court.  A new judge will hear the arguments presented again.

There are still questions not answered.  Some of them are: how does this affect everyone else who filed for the Racial Justice Act? How does this effect Death Row inmates who filed the under the Racial Justice Act?  How long will this take?

Needless to say, the victims' families are still waiting for closure in this matter.

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