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    Dems Reject Waiting Periods. Except …

    Posted in Civitas Review, Legislative Activity, Life & Family Issues By Matt Caulder | Tagged , , , , , ,

    NC Democrats favor of waiting periods for purchases of guns. But when it comes to abortion, that's another story.

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    7/15 Update to 'Money Monday' Arrestee Database

    Posted in Crime, Legislative Activity, Public Safety By Civitas Staff | Tagged , , , , , , , ,

    Our database of Money Monday protesters is up to date and includes the latest protests from July 15! Not much has changed, although there are three things to point out: This week saw an uptick in arrests – there were 101 this week compared to 64 last week. This should not be surprising to any observer. As the […]

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    Sex-Selective Abortions in America

    Posted in Life & Family Issues By Netsmart | Tagged ,

    Gendercide – Countries such as China and India typically come to mind when we hear this word. But what about the United States, where women have increasingly risen up the social ladder to equal men? Unfortunately, gendercide does affect the U.S. A new undercover video released this week by Live Action, an anti-abortion group, revealed […]

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    House Overrides Women's Right to Know Act

    Posted in Healthcare, Life & Family Issues By Regina Conley | Tagged , ,

    The North Carolina House just overrode Gov. Perdue’s veto of the Women’s Right to Know Act (HB 854) with a vote of 72 – 47, the exact amount needed to meet the three-fifths override threshold. Rep. James Crawford (D – Granville) changed his vote to meet the one vote needed for the veto override. According to […]

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    "Women's Right to Know" Bill Passes House

    Posted in Legislative Activity, Life & Family Issues By Regina Conley | Tagged , ,

    House Bill 854 otherwise known as the “Woman’s Right to Know” Bill was passed in the House with a vote of 71-48, one vote short of a veto-proof majority. The bill requires that doctors provide women seeking an abortion with a 24-hour waiting period before making a decision, literature about alternative options, and an ultrasound […]

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