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    Attorney General Runs Petition Against Voter ID/Election Reform

    Posted in Elections & Campaigns By Susan Myrick | Tagged , , ,

    North Carolina's Attorney General, Roy Cooper, is running a petition asking the Governor not to sign HB 589 – the landmark election reform bill that contains the voter photo ID requirement. Once again, the AG gives no legal reasons as to why he wanted the Governor to veto voter photo ID only political ones.  This […]

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    Roy Cooper's Continuing Damage to the NC Criminal Justice System

    Posted in Legislative Activity, Public Safety By Francis De Luca | Tagged , , , ,

    While many followers of state government are occupied by  Gov. Bev Perdue's veto of the SB 9, No Discriminatory Purpose in Death Penalty and the sentencing of her top campaign finance man, a much more serious blow was being delivered to the NC criminal justice system in a Durham Courtroom. This blow was the order […]

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    Irony of the Ethics Bill

    Posted in Legislative Activity, Politicians & Politicking By Jason Sutton | Tagged , , , , , , ,

    The bill (HB961) is 34 pages, was sent out late last night after being hammered out in darkness, and was considered for little more than an hour in the Senate Judiciary I Committee.  Ironically, it is a bill entitled “Government Ethics and Campaign Reform Act of 2010.”  The portion of the act that strengthens ethics […]

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