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    Raleigh City Council Gives Tax Dollars to Blueprint NC Member

    Posted in Budget & Taxes By Brian Balfour | Tagged , ,

    Raleigh City Council members have announced plans to give $2,500 of tax dollars to an organization affiliated with Blueprint NC, the left-wing group that gained infamy with their "eviscerate" memo last year. WakeUp Wake County was listed as a "member organization" of Blueprint NC. The group has been involved in issues ranging from transit to education, […]

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    Politicized Playgrounds, Brought to You Courtesy of Blueprint NC

    Posted in Education, Politicians & Politicking By Lee Brett | Tagged , , , , , , , ,

    Yesterday, Civitas published a press release detailing connections between today’s “teacher walk-in” and Blueprint NC. As Jim Tynen noted, a group called Public Schools First NC has organized a press conference in support of the protest. Statewide media have described Public Schools First as a “nonpartisan” organization, but they are willfully ignoring (as usual) obvious […]

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    ‘Independent’ News – With a Slant

    Posted in Healthcare, Legislative Activity By Francis De Luca | Tagged , , , , , , , , ,

    Earlier this year, a liberal organizing network called Blueprint NC distributed a memo calling for a “collective statewide strategy” to “eviscerate the [Republican] leadership and weaken their ability to govern.” In the 38-page document, the Eviscerate Network described the need for a comprehensive media strategy “… for getting out the message in non-traditional ways.” Based […]

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    NC Budget Cuts Most Political Non-Profit Funding

    Posted in Budget & Taxes, Elections & Campaigns, Legislative Activity, Politicians & Politicking By Francis De Luca | Tagged ,

    In the budget (SB 402), which looks on its way to passage, there is a lot to like. One of the good things is the de-funding of non-profits that are either  wasting money (Rural Center) or should not be funded. In the later group are the many non-profits that have been organizing the Money Monday protests […]

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    Z. Smith Reynolds Foundation – Harmed by the Blueprint NC Scandal?

    Posted in Elections & Campaigns, Legislative Activity, Politicians & Politicking By Francis De Luca | Tagged , , ,

    Yes Weekly in the Triad published a story today by Jim Longworth, LEAKED MEMO RAISES CONCERNS, which explores what the Blueprint NC scandal may mean to one of the largest charitable trusts in the Nation, the Z. Smith Reynolds (ZSR) Foundation. “As soon as this story surfaced last Friday, I spoke with ZSR Executive Director Leslie […]