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    Challenge Made Against Sanctuary City Protester's Vote

    Posted in Civitas Review, Immigration By Susan Myrick | Tagged , , , , , ,

    Last week we reported on a voter who, the day before she cast a ballot in the Durham County municipal elections, was arrested in Wake County and had given the Wake County Magistrate a Miami, Florida address. North Carolina requires a voter to be a resident of North Carolina in order to vote. The voter’s […]

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    Sanctuary City Protester with Miami Address Votes In Durham County

    Posted in Civitas Review, Immigration By Susan Myrick | Tagged , , , , , ,

    We keep getting new information on the six political activists that were arrested outside of the Governor’s Mansion last Friday. A group of protesters chained themselves together and blocked Blount Street in in order to be arrested. They were protesting Governor McCrory signing of House Bill 318, a law that will, among its provisions, prevent […]

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    How the Left Leverages Your Tax Dollars to Lobby for More Tax Dollars

    Posted in Budget & Taxes, Legislative Activity By Brian Balfour | Tagged , , , ,

    This June, the NC Science Leadership Association will be hosting an "advocacy workshop for Teachers."  The workshop promises, among other things, to allow attendees to "Spend two days learning about how to communicate effectively with lawmakers about issues that are important to you." The top listed issue of importance, naturally, is teacher pay; with other […]

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    Raleigh City Council Gives Tax Dollars to Blueprint NC Member

    Posted in Budget & Taxes By Brian Balfour | Tagged , ,

    Raleigh City Council members have announced plans to give $2,500 of tax dollars to an organization affiliated with Blueprint NC, the left-wing group that gained infamy with their "eviscerate" memo last year. WakeUp Wake County was listed as a "member organization" of Blueprint NC. The group has been involved in issues ranging from transit to education, […]

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    Politicized Playgrounds, Brought to You Courtesy of Blueprint NC

    Posted in Education, Politicians & Politicking By Lee Brett | Tagged , , , , , , , ,

    Yesterday, Civitas published a press release detailing connections between today’s “teacher walk-in” and Blueprint NC. As Jim Tynen noted, a group called Public Schools First NC has organized a press conference in support of the protest. Statewide media have described Public Schools First as a “nonpartisan” organization, but they are willfully ignoring (as usual) obvious […]

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