NC State Board of Elections – Happy Investigators for Democracy NC

According to this AP article in the Virginia Pilot (online), as a result of a complaint filed by the liberal advocacy group Democracy NC, a majority of North Carolina State Board of Elections (SBOE) members are interested in opening a campaign investigation into political donations from the operators of sweepstakes games during the 2012 election.

The five member board is set to meet by teleconference on Tuesday, April 30 at 9 a.m. to discuss this issue. It is a public meeting; to access the meeting call:  1-213-289-0012   use:  Access Code:  639160343.

While the current SBOE may call for an investigation into campaign contributions, it is doubtful that they will hear evidence, seeing that their terms are set to expire on May 1, 2013 or whenever their successors are appointed.  According to NCGS § 163‑19

The State Board of Elections shall consist of five registered voters whose terms of office shall begin on May 1, 1969, and shall continue for four years, and until their successors are appointed and qualified. The Governor shall appoint the members of this Board and likewise shall appoint their successors every four years at the expiration of each four-year term. Not more than three members of the Board shall be members of the same political party. The Governor shall appoint the members from a list of nominees submitted to him by the State party chairman of each of the two political parties having the highest number of registered affiliates as reflected by the latest registration statistics published by the State Board of Elections. Each party chairman shall submit a list of five nominees who are affiliated with that political party.

After the Governor’s appointments are made, they will then be required to appoint a Director.  Gary Bartlett, the current director, has been in the job for 20 years. (NCGS § 163‑27)

As always the liberal media refers to Bob Hall and his group as “Watchdogs.” Seeing that Michael Biesecker, one of the reporters for the AP article, was formerly a reporter for the News and Observer, he knows very well that Hall is a liberal activist, registered lobbyist and executive director of a group that was an original member of the now infamous Blueprint NC organization. You will remember that Blueprint NC was the source of a recently leaked strategy memo that exposed the game of how a coalition of liberal non-profits will “attack” elected officials in North Carolina. Hall’s work with Bartlett and the SBOE has produced a collection of some of the most liberal laws in the land.

It is fitting that one of the last actions this Board will take is initiated by Bob Hall.  He has been a behind-the-scenes driving force at the State Board of Elections (SBE) – even to mapping out partisan attacks on Republican legislators to the extent that it is hard to tell where the SBE ends and Democracy NC begins. As you read more about this case it will help to remember that Bob Hall won’t be happy until all of North Carolina’s political campaigns are financed by the government – that is – your tax dollars.

Two questions

  1. Will Gary Bartlett stay or will he go? It will be up to the new SBOE.
  2. What will Bob Hall do without the majority of the SBOE members and the Director in his back pocket?

Wake County Leaves Non-Citizens on the Voter Rolls

It sounds as if Jay Delancy of Voter Integrity Project (VIP) was a bit disappointed after the hearing at the Wake County Board of Elections yesterday.  You will remember that VIP had discovered hundreds of “citizens” who claimed to be citizens when they registered to vote and then claimed to be non-citizens when they were called to jury duty in Wake County.  VIP compared the list they received from the Wake County Clerk of Court’s office and matched, to the best of their ability, the names to voters on the rolls.  They then challenged the voter registrations of those people who said they were not citizens to the jury summons and said they were citizens on the voter registration form.

Delancy admitted to being frustrated – and who could blame him?

Laura Leslie (a reporter from WRAL) asked Delancy, “Sir doesn’t the law say that they have to presume (because it’s a constitutional right to vote) they have to presume that these people that they are legit unless there is proof they are not?”  Delancy replied, “If someone provides a document to the clerk of court that they are not a citizen – to me that is proof, but obviously to this board, (Wake County Board of Elections) it is not.

When asked by another reporter, “Why should the average voter (who is a citizen) be concerned about what’s going on?  Delancy answered; “The average voter should be afraid because we have a lot of people walking around North Carolina right now who are not citizens who are registered to vote (we just found a few of them) and the board of elections has made it clear they want to take them on the voter roll – I fear for our elections .”

No doubt, speaking on behalf of that the State Board of Elections, Bob Hall interrupted Delancy’s interview by saying “You have wasted the taxpayer’s time.”  Hall is Director of the ultra-liberal advocacy group Democracy NC and works closely with the State Board of Elections.  He admonished Delancy for researching the voter rolls to find people who are registered illegally and proceeded to suggest possible scenarios as to why the people in question might not be illegal voters.

Hall finally exited Delancy’s interview by saying that “I agree with you, we don’t want citizens to be voting.”  (Hall frequently resorts to silliness when he is talking to someone with whom he disagrees)  Outside of the State Board of Elections, only the old liberal media look to Bob Hall for his opinions.  Hall should read NCGS 163-85, he would see that the statute reads: Any registered voter of the county may challenge the right of any person to register, remain registered or vote in such county. Reporters like Laura Leslie like to call Hall a watchdog,  but really he is just a lapdog for the liberal left and funders like George Soros and even Capitol Broadcasting’s Chairman, Jim Goodmon – reporter Leslie’s boss.

North Carolina’s voter rolls are a mess.  Non-citizens populate the voter list along with the deceased and absolutely no law prevent them from voting.  VIP is doing their best to identify names that should not be on the rolls, both dead and non-citizens.  You see, they must do this work, because the State Board of Elections will not and in doing this work VIP has emabarrased Gary Bartlett, Director of the State Board of Elections – that is why Bob Hall popped into the interview.

And on that note – there is some good news – it looks like the work VIP has done in several counties to identify deceased voters has shamed the Board of Elections into at least looking like they are attempting to look for the deceased in the rolls.  I received the email below yesterday – it’s from the State Board of Elections to the County Board’s Directors.   The email directs the counties to work with a new audit report to identify voters who have died and should be removed.  (The list consists of people who died between 2002 and August 2012).

VIP is making a difference and you can too, don’t let bullies like Bob Hall stop you.