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    NC Business Incentives Just a Cottage Crony Industry

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    A recent press release from Gov. McCrory's office celebrated the announcement of 450 new jobs coming to Davie County, in no small part thanks to a grant from the state's Job Development Investment Grant (JDIG) program.   If history is any indication, however, we'll be lucky to see half that many jobs actually materialize. In […]

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    Volvo Chooses South Carolina; NC Taxpayers Save Millions

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    NC's Commerce Secretary is upset that NC legislators didn't pony up enough taxpayer dollars to bribe Volvo to bring its plant to North Carolina. Commerce Secretary John Skvarla said Monday that North Carolina lost its bid for a Volvo manufacturing plant in part because the legislature hasn’t approved more jobs incentive funding. Skvarla’s comments came […]

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    Taxes Matter: Lesson #6,278,901

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    The TV show "Sleepy Hollow" has announced that it will no longer film in Wilmington if renewed for a third season. Network executives site the expiration of NC's film tax credit program (which last year was converted to a much smaller grant program).  FOX’s hit TV show “Sleepy Hollow” will likely stop filming in North […]

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    Gov. Perdue Favors Hollywood Millionaires Over Struggling North Carolinians

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    Per this N&O article, North Carolina doled out perhaps an all-time high in tax breaks to Hollywood movie studios. That's right, while Gov. Perdue was arguing to raise the sales tax on hard working, low-income North Carolinians by close to a billion dollars, she also supported a tax break for billion-dollar film production corporations. While the Governor's […]

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    N.C. House Says No to Mega-Port

    Posted in Budget & Taxes By Brian Balfour | Tagged , ,

    The N&O reports on a proposed mega-port endorsed by the N.C. Senate, but rebuked by the House. The notion of spending taxpayers' money on a proposed North Carolina mega-port didn't float many boats in the state House late last week, and that's good news for the coastal environment and the state's finances. This is a […]

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