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    Political Correctness on Steroids in "Modern Educayshun"

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    A video by Neel Kolhatkar, an Australian comedian/actor/social media extraordinaire (+4), does a fantastic job lampooning modern-day education.  Social Justice Warrior students (and teacher) weed out new classmates by judging them on their feelings as they share grades and require "tolerance" . The video is funny, but really sad and quite frightening, because we are currently watching the real thing happen on U.S. […]

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    Kentucky results: Common Core standards don't enhance college readiness

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    A lot of eyes are on Kentucky these days.  Mostly because the state implemented Common Core standards before other states. Hence, what happens – or doesn’t happen — in Kentucky may be harbinger of things to come elsewhere as well. So when Richard Innes of the Bluegrass Institute  blogged earlier this week on Truth in American […]

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    NC says "no" to Common Core Standards

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    A majority of North Carolinians oppose Common Core standards.  That’s one of the results of the March 2015 Civitas Poll. By a margin of 52 percent to 34 percent North Carolinians oppose the Common Core Standards Opposition to the standards is strong across the State. The only two regions that had less than 50 percent […]

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    Candidates and Common Core

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    Do you want to know if a local candidate supports or opposes Common Core Standards? The Raleigh Chamber –  a strong proponent of Common Core Standards — has published  responses to candidate surveys on its web site.  Candidates who chose to reply are posted. It should be noted that not all candidates submitted replies. Although […]

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    So where are the parents?

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    Appointments to the Academic Standards Review Commission (ASCR) are now complete. They are: State Board of Education Appointments Bill Cobey – Chair, North Carolina State Board of Education Olivia Oxendine – State Board of Education member,  Professor of Education UNC-Pembroke Governor McCrory Appointment Andre Peek, IBM, NC Business Committee for Education Speaker Thom Tillis Appointments […]

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