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    What McCrory Refugee Move Really Means

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    Maybe the most important thing about Gov. Pat McCrory's decision to ask President Obama to cease sending Syrian refugees is this: it aroused an explosion of support. Our Facebook post asking people to thank the governor for protecting the people has been shared thousands of times as of this morning and continues to grow, reaching […]

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    Bringing home the bacon or stuffing us with pork?

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    One of the most contentious issues for the new U.S. Congress is earmarks, money set aside by congressmen for particular projects. Now, thanks to data from Taxpayers for Common Sense, you can look through all the earmarks set aside for North Carolina. Try the new Civitas Carolina Transparency tool which lets you see which North […]

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    Civitas Flash Poll: Etheridge Grabs Student, Ellmers Grabs Lead

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    With a widely publicized video of a confrontation with two students on a Washington, DC sidewalk circulating, incumbent Democratic Congressman Bob Etheridge now trails Republican challenger Renee Ellmers according to a new SurveyUSA poll released today by the Civitas Institute.

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    You Can't Make This Stuff Up! An Island Capsizing?

    Posted in Politicians & Politicking By Francis De Luca | Tagged , , , , ,

    At about 1:25 into this video you will see Rep Hank Johnson(D- GA) talk about the island of Guam capsizing as a result of the US stationing another 8,000 Marines and their families on the island. It is hard to believe that someone like this can actually get dressed in the morning let alone get […]

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    AFP's New Healthcare Ad

    Posted in Healthcare By Chris Hayes | Tagged , , ,

    Our friends at Americans for Prosperity are up with a new health care ad featuring a breast cancer survivor reminding us the ramifications of passing Obamacare.

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