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    Where Does NC Stand on the Death Penalty?

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    The Connecticut Supreme Court ruled last week that capital punishment is unconstitutional in that state. Connecticut had recently enacted a law under which the death penalty could not be enacted in future cases but convicted criminals who had been sentenced to death would have their sentences carried out. This new ruling, however, commutes all such […]

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    Racial Justice Act Cases Head to North Carolina Supreme Court

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    Imagine turning your car radio on and hearing that your loved ones’ convicted murderer will now have his case heard by the North Carolina Supreme Court. Friday afternoon some victims’ families learned they would be going to yet another court for their love one’s murderer.  Three cases were heard in late 2012 under an appeal […]

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    SB 306 "Capital Punishemnts/Amendments" Passes through Committee and Families are One Step Closer to Justice

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    The Racial Justice Act (which is a part of Senate Bill 306) is now one step from being repealed in the North Carolina General Assembly. House Judiciary B took a vote Wednesday and SB 306 is headed to the House floor for a vote. House Judiciary B meets every Wednesday at 10 am in the […]

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    House Bill 722 "Capital Procedure/Severe Disability" Sounds too Familiar to Families of Murder Victims

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    HB 722 “Capital Procedure/Severe Disability” has been filed, sent to committee, and now has been sent to the Rules Committee. When first looking at the bill, one would think it would be drawing a line between a severe mental disability and alcohol use in cases where the death penalty can be applied. Insanity would not […]

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    Experts Dissect Flaws in Racial Justice Act

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    New at the Civitas Institute's web site is the fourth and final installment of the four-part video series examining North Carolina's very flawed Racial Justice Act. In this video, we hear from District Attorneys who are concerned about the negative consequences of the Racial Justice Act. Included in the concerns are the high financial cost […]

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