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    Kibbe: How Power Is Shifting to Voters

    Posted in Civitas Events, Civitas Review, Elections & Campaigns By Jim Tynen | Tagged , , , , , , ,

    The Internet and the growth of grassroots groups is shifting power from backrooms in Washington to the American people, FreedomWorks President and CEO Matt Kibbe said Saturday morning at Civitas' Conservative Leadership Conference CLC. Consider ride-sharing services such as Uber, through which he got a ride from the airport to CLC at the Embassy Suites […]

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    Support for Common Core continues to erode

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    Gallup reported that support for Common Core among public school parents continues to slide. According to poll results released earlier today, parents of U.S. public school students in grades K-12 are about evenly divided over the Common Core State Standards. Thirty-five percent view them negatively and 33% view them positively, while another third aren't familiar with […]

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    Duke Energy Scandal May Bog Down NC Dems

    Posted in Elections & Campaigns, Environment & Energy, Politicians & Politicking By Jim Tynen | Tagged , , , ,

    Group notes this: "The scandal surrounding Duke Energy in the wake of the abrupt departure of incoming CEO Bill Johnson shows no signs of going away any time soon — and that could spell trouble for Democrats, who have tied their political fortunes to once-and-again Duke CEO Jim Rogers in advance of the party's upcoming […]

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    Additional Thoughts on Tuesday

    Posted in Elections & Campaigns By Bob Luebke | Tagged ,

    Marriage Amendment. North Carolina was the 30th state to approve language prohibiting gay marriage and the last in the South to do so…. Ninety-three of the state’s 100 counties had majorities voting in favor of the amendment…And supporters of the marriage amendment are called extreme? Approximately 2,136,000 votes were cast; 1,304,000 (61 percent) voted in […]

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    Follow the money? You bet!

    Posted in Budget & Taxes, Politicians & Politicking By Jim Tynen | Tagged , , , ,

    The headline on the Under the Dome item is just right: "Civitas: Follow the money" That's a journalistic mantra from the Watergate era. If you figure out what happened with the money, you'll know about everything else. For Civitas is asking the State Board of Elections to investigate the funding of a settlement of a […]

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