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    Crony Gov't Handouts a "Stick in the Eye"

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    This according to state Senator Andy Wells (R-Catawba). From the N&O   A state senator from Hickory is denouncing as a political “poke in the eye with a stick” a promise of state incentives to Corning Inc., which will move about 500 workers from his city to Mecklenburg. Corning Inc. announced last month that it would […]

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    Senate Passes "Compromise" Bills Addressing Economic Incentives, Medicaid Reform

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    Last night the Senate passed "compromise" bills on economic incentives and Medicaid reform. A press release from Senate President Pro Tem Berger's office sums up the bills: The compromise economic development plan: Answers the governor’s call for additional job recruitment dollars and moves to the middle of the original House and Senate proposals, by extending […]

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    NC Commerce Bureaucrats Demand More Corporate Bribe Money

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    WRAL reports that NC Commerce (current and former) continue to wring their hands about the slow progress of extending and expanding the state's program to bribe companies to locate in NC. After last year's measure to extend it stalled, McCrory said in January that he wanted quick action from the legislature to restore the Job […]

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    NC Business Owner: Corporate Welfare is a "Smack in the Face" to Home-Grown Businesses

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    The Char-O just published this letter from a Cornelius business owner about the inherent unfairness of state government corporate welfare programs: I wonder if the N.C. Legislature understands the “smack in the face” effect its incentives to lure new businesses to the state has on a business like mine that has been operating here for […]

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    "If Everyone Else Jumped Off a Bridge…"

    Posted in Budget & Taxes, Civitas Review, Economics By Brian Balfour | Tagged , ,

    As a kid, whenever I tried to justify a stupid decision to my parents by saying "but everyone else is doing it," the inevitable response would be: "if everyone else jumped off a bridge, would you do it too?"  I suspect many of you experienced the same thing. But the "everyone else is doing it" seems […]

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