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    Political Correctness on Steroids in "Modern Educayshun"

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    A video by Neel Kolhatkar, an Australian comedian/actor/social media extraordinaire (+4), does a fantastic job lampooning modern-day education.  Social Justice Warrior students (and teacher) weed out new classmates by judging them on their feelings as they share grades and require "tolerance" . The video is funny, but really sad and quite frightening, because we are currently watching the real thing happen on U.S. […]

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    Top Read Civitas Articles

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    Here is what visitors to were reading in October; the top three most read new articles last month were: A Spy, Drug Dealers, Cronies, Hemp and the NCGA Who does it take for the NC General Assembly to move fast? Apparently lawmakers can act swiftly if they want to legalize hemp, a relative of […]

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    What the N&O Didn't Tell You About Wake Co. Teacher Pay

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    The News & Observer had a piece on Wake County's recent increase in its local supplement to teacher salaries. The article includes "praise" from the left-wing group WakeUp Wake County, as well as "criticism" from this article by Civitas Institute Senior Education Analyst Bob Luebke.   Luebke's criticism focuses not on the pay supplement itself, […]

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    Three Things You Should Know About NC's Education Budget

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    New today at is this article outlining three major things you should know about North Carolina's education budget. A sample from the article: The education budget has been increasing. First, contrary to the claims of many educators and the media, the education budget is not declining. General state appropriations for public education (i.e. K-12 […]

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    State Budget Coverage

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    Be sure to check out the new articles up now at examining the state budget deal just posted last night. This article outlines the "Top Ten Things You Should Know About the Budget Deal" This article summarizes the highlights from the education portion of the budget. 

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