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    NC Senate May Vote to Ignore Draconian EPA Restrictions

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    From the N&O: Lawmakers in Raleigh could decide Wednesday whether North Carolina will become one of a handful of states that will ignore new federal limits on emissions of carbon dioxide from power plants. The expected debate in the state Senate could make North Carolina a testing ground for the nation’s first attempt to regulate […]

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    NC Senate Introduces Bill to Protect Against EPA Overreach

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    Senate Bill 303 was introduced today, sponsored by Sens. Chad Barefoot (R-Wake), Jim Davis (R-Macon) and Jim Hise (R-Mitchell). The bill would allow North Carolina "to exercise its right to opt out of enforcing the pending EPA rules" on wood-fired stoves, according to a press release from Barefoot's office. The EPA rule establishes such rigid […]

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    Virginia Fighting Back Against EPA, Is NC Next?

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    State legislators in Virginia are moving legislation to protect energy consumers from the higher utility bills that would result from the EPA's new draconian regulations. As reported by the Virginia Bureau of The specter of increased electricity costs and loss of state sovereignty is fueling a battle over energy policy at the Virginia General […]

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    New EPA Rules to Cost NC Tens of Thousands of Jobs

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    A new study by the Beacon Hill Institute at Suffolk University, and published by the Civitas Institute, examines the potential impact new EPA rules would have on North Carolina. The main findings of the study include: EPA rules will cost the North Carolina economy a total of $1.7 billion between 2015 and 2030. The state’s […]

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    EPA tells the truth about fracking

    Posted in Environment & Energy By Mark Coggins | Tagged , , , , , , , ,

    Last Wednesday, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency cleared the air, once and for all, about the anti-fracking crusade in Pennsylvania.  Their findings show that the contamination found in drinking water wells in Dimock, Pennsylvania was not caused by the extraction of shale gas near wells. The earlier accusations by environmentalist groups were based on pure […]

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