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    Obama: If You Like Your Plan, You Can Keep It (For One More Year)

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    Earlier today Pres. Obama held a press conference to announce that those people losing their insurance plans due to Unaffordable Care Act regulations will be able to "extend" or buy back into their previously cancelled plans. From "The bottom line is insurers can extend current plans, that would otherwise be canceled, into 2014," the […]

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    Hagan Drops in Polls, Offers Confused Signals on Obamacare

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    Recent Civitas polling showed that likely NC voters may be ready to replace U.S. Senator Kay Hagan – when asked if they feel Hagan deserves to be reelected or if it is time to give a new person a chance, respondents answered they prefer to give a new person a chance by a 20 percentage […]

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    News Report: Only 1 Person in NC Has Signed up Through the Exchange

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    WNCN reports that Blue Cross Blue Shield North Carolina has seen only 1 person in NC sign up for insurance through the healthcare exchange website, and that person hasn't even paid yet. The report also documents other problems BCBSNC has been struggling with. Blue Cross Blue Shield has more than 3.7 million customers in our state, […]

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    Now we Know Why the Administration Won't Tell Us Enrollment Figures

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    CBS News reports on the incredibly low number of people who actually successfully signed up for health insurance through the complete failure commonly referred to as the Obamacare exchanges. SCOTT PELLEY: Good evening. For 31 days now, the Obama administration has been telling us that Americans by the millions are visiting the the new health […]

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    NC Medicaid Enrollee: My Experience with the 'Dep't of Hell and Inhuman Services'

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    A handful of left-wing advocates held a press conference earlier this week demanding that Gov. McCrory hold a special legislative session to re-consider North Carolina's decision to refuse Medicaid expansion available under the Unaffordable Care Act. In response to this, Annette Smith – a mother of a special-needs son who has been enrolled in NC Medicaid […]

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