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    Political Correctness on Steroids in "Modern Educayshun"

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    A video by Neel Kolhatkar, an Australian comedian/actor/social media extraordinaire (+4), does a fantastic job lampooning modern-day education.  Social Justice Warrior students (and teacher) weed out new classmates by judging them on their feelings as they share grades and require "tolerance" . The video is funny, but really sad and quite frightening, because we are currently watching the real thing happen on U.S. […]

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    Shelve Hillary Clinton's debt-free tuition plan

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    Hillary Clinton’s $350 billion dollar proposal to make college debt-free for students is intended to get the candidate attention. It's also intended to help her keep increasingly restless college and millennial voters in the Democratic camp next fall. Some credit the proposal for being bold — $350 billion is certainly bold.   In my view […]

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    Looking to compare colleges? Try

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    A tip of the hat to It’s a new site that attempts to rank and compare about 1,500 private public and private for profit colleges in seven performance areas –graduation rates, first year retention rates, education-related cost per student, cost per degree, student loan default rate and the ratio of student loan payments to […]

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    The cost of UNC building boom

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    A recent N&O article that divulged the growing backlog of UNC deferred maintenance and renovation projects has campus officials saying all the right things.  UNC President Erskine Bowles has asked campuses to focus on deferred maintenance projects over new construction. While much of the early construction was financed by a $3 billion bond referendum, more recent projects have […]

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    Higher tuition for international students? And, that other issue.

    Posted in Education, Immigration By Bob Luebke | Tagged , ,

    In an effort to find additional revenue for the cash-strapped UNC system, UNC Board of Governor’s member and former State Representative, Bill Dautridge wants international students to pay higher tuition. Dautridge contends that since international students pay no state or federal taxes, North Carolinians are providing significant subsidies to such students (See news article).   […]

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