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    The Left Attacks Again: Destroy the Messenger!

    Posted in Budget & Taxes, Politicians & Politicking By Francis De Luca | Tagged ,

    The Wall Street Journal details the lefts "Attack Machine" at the national level. On a personal level I recently experienced (again) how the left demonizes the individual and ignores any debate on policy. I wrote a piece about "Another Federal Bailout" that appeared in the Charlotte Observer and in response I received the below letter […]

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    American Prosperity: What the Left Doesn't Want You to Know

    Posted in Economics By Max Borders | Tagged

    How are we doing? Prosperity manifests itself in all sorts of ways. Americans today, particularly the poor, enjoy benefits they could never have dreamed of in 1905 and 1955, according to this piece in the American. 1. Products and conveniences have spread into American households.2. The poor have much, much more.3. What hard work buys […]

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    Progressivism is Bad Parenting

    Posted in Miscellaneous By Max Borders | Tagged

    Unlike our parents, Progressives want us to become thieves and takers. Boudreaux: Forget that even poor Americans today generally have greater access to goods and services than did middle-income Americans of a generation ago.  Instead ask: what kind of philosophy demands that government do what all decent parents teach their children not to do? Who […]

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    Sad Day for Low-Skilled Workers

    Posted in Economics By Max Borders | Tagged

    Don Boudreaux to the Washington Examiner: Your headline reads "Federal minimum wage rises to $6.55 today" (July 24).  A better headline would have been "Government raises the cost of hiring low-skilled workers by 12 percent today."-Max Borders

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    Minimum Wage: Still a Terrible Idea

    Posted in Economics By Max Borders | Tagged

    Here's why. And here. And here, too.-Max Borders

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