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    Tax Foundation to NC Legislators: Expand Sales Tax Base, Eliminate Tax on Capital Stock

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    From the N&O: Legislators heard a call Tuesday to further expand sales taxes and eliminate the capital stock tax – a conservative think tank’s proposal for continuing the state’s tax code overhaul.       The Tax Foundation, based in Washington, D.C., presented its report on North Carolina’s business tax climate, painting a rosy picture […]

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    Stephen Moore: NC Mustn't Quail at Fighting Income Tax 'Virus'

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    When it comes to cutting the income tax, the biggest mistake North Carolina could make is to be too timid. That’s the heart of comments economist and Wall Street Journal writer Stephen Moore made Wednesday night at a Civitas Institute discussion of tax reform. At the event, state Sen. Bob Rucho and Rep. David Lewis […]

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    Tax Reform Plan Being Unveiled

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    The press conference on the Tax Fairness Act  is scheduled for 12:30 p.m. today. A video about the proposed tax reform is here. The gist: It's meant to reduce taxes $1 billion over three years and boost the capacity of private economy to create jobs. Sen. Phil Berger said, "we're falling behind" and high taxes […]

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    Arthur Laffer on How Income Taxes Hurt People

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    To understand how income taxes hurt people, check out our exclusive interview with Dr. Arthur Laffer from earlier this year. Liberals like to say lowering income taxes is a way of hurting poor people. Laffer helps explain why the opposite is true. The rich like income taxes, he says: They keep ordinary people from accumulating […]

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    The Hows and Whys of Eliminating the NC Income Tax

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    Jason Lewis devoted an hour of his program yesterday to interviewing Civitias Policy Director Brian Balfour about how eliminating the NC income tax, and moving to a consumption-based tax, would offer bigger paychecks and more opportunities to North Carolinians. To hear it, click on the Jason Lewis archives here, then select the third hour of […]

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