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    Easley & NC State stick it to taxpayers

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    It’s good to be Mary Easley these days. Easley’s attorneys negotiated a settlement with attorneys from N.C. State University that not only more than doubled her state pension payment but also gives her a pension ($80,597) that is more than the pension her husband, Mike Easley  is receiving ($71,088)  for his service as a state […]

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    One College's Spoil, Another's Treasure?

    Posted in Education By Jessica Anderson | Tagged , ,

    It seems former North Carolina State Chancellor James Oblinger may be moving on. Oblinger is one of five finalists considered for president of New Mexico State University. Oblinger resigned in June amid ongoing controversy surrounding the hiring and compensation of Mary Easley, the wife of former Gov. Mike Easley (ironically on trial today). Oblinger’s resignation […]

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    Nothing to See Here! Please Disperse!

    Posted in Budget & Taxes, Education By Chris Hayes | Tagged , , , ,

    With apologies to Lt. Frank Debin and The Naked Gun. Apparently, the way for NC State University to cover up distract the public from the hiring of Mary Easley at $170,000 a year is to hire a new communications director for $190,000 per year. According to the N&O, the job has been vacant since January.  […]

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