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    Dems Reject Waiting Periods. Except …

    Posted in Civitas Review, Legislative Activity, Life & Family Issues By Matt Caulder | Tagged , , , , , ,

    NC Democrats favor of waiting periods for purchases of guns. But when it comes to abortion, that's another story.

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    NC Democrats Lurch Leftward

    Posted in Elections & Campaigns, Life & Family Issues, Politicians & Politicking By Scott Blakeman | Tagged ,

    The North Carolina Democratic Party recently endorsed 77 resolutions to be added to its party platform. Most resolutions were in alignment with the party’s national policy objectives and goals; however, there were a few that went beyond the party’s already liberal agenda, solidifying the notion that the Democratic Party in North Carolina is lurching to […]

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    Parker resigns but stays on as NCDP Chairman

    Posted in Politicians & Politicking By Clark Riemer | Tagged , , , , ,

    The saga at NC Democratic Party took another strange turn on Saturday. Embattled Chairman David Parker submitted his resignation to the Democratic Party State Executive Committee, only to have the committee refuse to accept it. The move was widely seen as being engineered by David Parker himself. Mr. Parker has been under fire for his […]

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    Smart Start’s Partisan Tilt Displayed at Press Conference

    Posted in Budget & Taxes, Education, Legislative Activity, Politicians & Politicking By Neal Inman | Tagged , ,

    At a packed May 26 press conference, Smart Start promoters joined with members of the Democratic minority in the NC House in attacking the Senate and House proposals to reorganize the early childhood education program. House Minority Leader Joe Hackney said the conference was called in order to address what he said was “the tremendous damage […]

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    Secretary Marshall in Bed with Lobbyists?

    Posted in Elections & Campaigns, Politicians & Politicking By John Eick | Tagged , , , , , , , ,

    This past Tuesday, the North Carolina Democratic Party held a fundraiser in their headquarters that was attended by Gov. Bev Perdue, members of the Council of State, a handful of legislators (including Speaker Joe Hackney), and an unknown number of lobbyists. The gathering was held the same week that members of the General Assembly were […]

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