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    Budget Brinkmanship in Raleigh

    Posted in Budget & Taxes, Civitas Review By Jim Tynen | Tagged , , , , ,

    There's a $700 million gap between the NC House's and Senate's spending format, but the numbers only hint at the real divisions.

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    Ferry Fiasco a Reminder of Govt. Limits

    Posted in Budget & Taxes, Civitas Review, Legislative Activity By Jim Tynen | Tagged , , , ,

    A news story is a good reminder of why government needs to be limited, as some of our supporters have pointed out. According to the AP , "A ferry designed to take school children from Corolla across Currituck Sound is about to become scrap metal without ever carrying anyone to class." Money for the project […]

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    GOP Caves on Voter ID

    Posted in Civitas Review, Elections & Campaigns By Civitas Staff | Tagged , , ,

    In a stunning development, the General Assembly has virtually repealed the voter ID requirement. Note how on our current web page a featured story by Susan Myrick shows how the actual facts have refuted the claims of opponents of voter ID. Yes, a case was looming in federal court — on an issue in which […]

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    Senate Budget Is $700M Less than House Plan

    Posted in Budget & Taxes, Civitas Review By Jim Tynen | Tagged , , , , , ,

    The Senate's $21.47 billion budget comes in at about $700 million less than the House proposal.

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    Why Tax Cuts Are Working in NC

    Posted in Civitas Review, Economics By Jim Tynen | Tagged , , , , , , ,

    Economist Stephen Moore of the Heritage Foundation has a piece in today's Wall Street Journal that reminds us of why fiscal reforms in our state have worked and are still working. But he also warns us of how easily all the gains can be lost. He notes that North Carolina cut taxes in the right […]

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