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    Is Trump’s Lead Still Solid?

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    The battle for the GOP nomination continues with last night’s third debate, spitefully “moderated” by CNBC. (By the way, there was nothing “moderate” or fair about most of the questions asked last night.)

    Despite political pundits hailing Senators Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz as triumphant, the American public seem to disagree, at least online. Every poll, from Drudge to TIME, has named Donald Trump as the winner of last night’s debate. He also came across as much more reserved, agreeable, and far less brash. No one can argue that there is more substance there.

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    Ben Carson Surges in Poll

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    Dr. Ben Carson is in second place in a new poll of possible Republican presidential candidates Of course, it's early. But he still showed surprising strength. BTW, he'll be the keynote speaker at our Conservative Leadership Conference on March 27-28.

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    Voters Want Recall Option, 35% Would Recall Perdue

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    North Carolina law currently provides no mechanism for voters to remove elected officials from office outside of normal elections. According to this month's Civitas poll, 64 percent of voters would support a new North Carolina law providing them the ability to have just that. Not too surprising. What is surprising is that a majority voters […]

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