“Abortion – Women’s Right to Know Act” Gives Women Choices

According to a recent Civitas poll, 56% of North Carolina voters support the “Abortion – Women’s Right to Know Act.” This proposed piece of legislation requires doctors to provide women seeking abortions with an ultrasound, information on alternatives to abortion, and 24-hour waiting period before the abortion is performed.

Not only does this proposed act increase the seriousness of a decision to have an abortion by creating more closely guarded rules for the procedure, it will also work to provide women with a clear understanding of their options and the opportunity to reconsider once presented with alternatives.

If passed, this act will be a terrific step towards increasing awareness of a host of organizations that offer counseling and assistance in choosing alternatives to abortion, and it could lessen the probability of post-abortion regret.

House Bill 854, “Abortion – Women’s Right to Know Act,” is currently in the House Appropriations Subcommittee on Health and Human Services.

ABC Privatization Debate Forthcoming?

Per a News & Observer report, the chairman of the North Carolina Alcohol Beverage Control Commission (ABC) Jon Williams expects a debate on whether to privatize liquor sales in our state.  The Commission continues to assess what the system is worth.

Recently, ethics issues within the state’s archaic liquor distribution system have arisen in GreensboroNew Hanover County and in Mecklenburg County.  Furthermore, a Program Evaluation Division Report, which can be found here, outlines a list of problems facing the ABC System which could be solved through privatization.  Recently, I wrote about Virginia Governor Bob McDonnell’s (R) desire to privatize the liquor system in his state.

It is good to hear that a debate on privatization of the archaic system is forthcoming.  According to a February 2010 Civitas poll, the people favor privatization by a 47%-37% margin.