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    Is Trump’s Lead Still Solid?

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    The battle for the GOP nomination continues with last night’s third debate, spitefully “moderated” by CNBC. (By the way, there was nothing “moderate” or fair about most of the questions asked last night.)

    Despite political pundits hailing Senators Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz as triumphant, the American public seem to disagree, at least online. Every poll, from Drudge to TIME, has named Donald Trump as the winner of last night’s debate. He also came across as much more reserved, agreeable, and far less brash. No one can argue that there is more substance there.

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    Poll: 22 % of teachers are unsatisfactory; teachers say 13 percent of colleagues unsatisfactory

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    It's Christmas morning if you're interested in finding out what the public thinks on major education issues; Education Next has released its annual national Poll .  If you want a quick read  Education Next  provides a good summary of results. In addition, this  morning's  Wall Street Journal (subscription required) contains an opinion piece by Harvard […]

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    Noted Pollster Gives Edge to Tillis

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    A new Civitas Poll showed that House Speaker Thom Tillis rebounded when matched head-to-head against Sen. Kay Hagan in their race for the U.S. Senate. Adam Geller of National Research conducts our regular polls. He spoke at our recent Poll Lunch,  analyzed the findings and explained why he gives the edge right now to Republican […]

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    New Gallup Poll: 72% Say Big Government Biggest Threat

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    Politico reports on news from a recent Gallup poll showing that an overwhelming majority of Americans agree with the Civitas Institute that the biggest threat to the country's future is big government. Nearly three-quarters of Americans identify big government as the greatest threat to the country’s future, according to a new poll. The 72 percent […]

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    McCrory's Approval Rating: Up or Down?

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    Our results from July 17-18 showed Gov. McCrory with a 37% favorable versus a 30% unfavorable rating (with the other 33% either neutral or no opinion).

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