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    Three Things You Should Know About NC's Education Budget

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    New today at is this article outlining three major things you should know about North Carolina's education budget. A sample from the article: The education budget has been increasing. First, contrary to the claims of many educators and the media, the education budget is not declining. General state appropriations for public education (i.e. K-12 […]

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    More Baseless Fear-Mongering From Perdue

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    Reports are out regarding the state budget compromise deal reached by the Senate late last night. The major changes from the orginal Senate budget proposal adds up to an additional $250 million in spending, bringing the total  to $19.68 B up from $19.43 B, and include: $240 million more for K-12 education spending Eliminating the $390 million in savings […]

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    House Budget Proposal: Education

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    Did you read about the "draconian" cuts to public education proposed by N.C. House leadership? Check out more details in this Civitas Insitute rundown of the House's Education proposals, and learn, among other things, that their plan would actually increase K-12 spending over the current budget year's appropriation.

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    Outlines of the Education Budget

    Posted in Budget & Taxes, Education By Bob Luebke | Tagged , ,

    Last week Appropriations Committee chairmen received their budget targets.  The targets represent approximate spending limits for each subcommittee. Republican leadership proposed a spending target of $10.4 billion for  all public education (public schools, community colleges and UNC System) . That’s approximately $764 million less than Gov. Perdue’s proposed budget for FY 2011-12. It is also […]

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    Calling all school board members!

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    On November 12th Civitas Institute will be offering a half day of professional development training. The training takes place at the Holiday Inn Crabtree in Raleigh. Registration is $50.00 and includes lunch. After November 5th registration is $60.00. Sessions and presenters include: Roles and Responsibilities of School Board Members (Kay McGarry, Member, Board of Education, Charlotte […]

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