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    Quality Counts 2016: NC Score: C-

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    Earlier this week Education Week released Quality Counts 2016. ( subscription required)  The report gives overall grades and scores to states based on criteria such as chances for success, K-12 achievement and school finance.  In 2016, the nation received an overall  grade of C (74.4), the same letter grade as last year. North Carolina received […]

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    Opposition to Common Core Growing in the States

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    Thirteen. Certainly not anyone's favorite number. However there is a plus side.  It was the number of colonies that united to form this great nation.  Thirteen also represents the number of states where opposition to common core standards has been discussed in the statehouse or a bill opposing the standards has been introduced.  The states […]

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    NC and other Race to Top winners requesting lots of changes

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    Education Week is reporting that every state recipient of Race to the Top funds but Georgia  has requested amendments to its original federal education grant.  States received funding — in part — based on what they promised to do and the expected results. Now it seems they can’t deliver  what they thought. North Carolina, one […]

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    Testing bill raises lots of questions

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    A bill (SB-114) to remove all state tests but those required by the federal government was passed by the Senate today and will now go to Gov. Perdue's desk for her signature.  The measure, spearheaded by Senator Austin Allran (R-Catawba) recently passed the House.  The bill  would eliminate four end-of-course tests for high school students – U.S. […]

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    More reasons to dislike Race to the Top

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    I have been a frequent critic of Race to the Top (RttT).  To find out why, see here, and here.  Now it seems I have even more reasons to dislike the federal boondoggle. This morning’s News & Observer details how school districts are using RttT money to, “put fancy computer gadgets into the hands of elementary school […]

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