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    CON Exemption for Bellhaven Hospital Moves to House: Why Is This Necessary?

    Posted in Civitas Review, Economics, Healthcare By Brian Balfour | Tagged , ,

    A bill that would exempt "legacy" medical care facilities from acquiring a Certificate of Need to operate has cleared the Senate and is heading to the House. An amendment to clarify the definition is credited with exempting the hospital in Belhaven.    Some additional background via the Statesville News & Record Health care company Vidant […]

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    New EPA Rules to Cost NC Tens of Thousands of Jobs

    Posted in Civitas Review, Economics By Brian Balfour | Tagged , , ,

    A new study by the Beacon Hill Institute at Suffolk University, and published by the Civitas Institute, examines the potential impact new EPA rules would have on North Carolina. The main findings of the study include: EPA rules will cost the North Carolina economy a total of $1.7 billion between 2015 and 2030. The state’s […]

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    Challenging a Move to Silence Conservatives

    Posted in Elections & Campaigns, Politicians & Politicking By Jim Tynen | Tagged , , , ,

    According to National Review: Top Republicans including Senate minority leader Mitch McConnell, House speaker John Boehner, and House majority leader Eric Cantor are calling on the newly installed Internal Revenue Service commissioner to withdraw a proposed rule regulating tax-exempt 501(c)(4) groups, charging that it would muzzle the groups’ right to free speech. The GOP leaders say that the IRS, which last […]

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    Reacting to Regulation

    Posted in Environment & Energy By Netsmart | Tagged , , ,

    The House Agriculture committee discussed HB 1093 yesterday, also known as Agriculture Regulatory Reform.  If passed, the bill would establish a number of means towards reducing the red tape discrepancies currently found within the sector.  First, the bill would add a legislature-appointed agriculture representative to the Environmental Management commission, meanwhile reducing the total number of […]

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    Waste Energy a Waste

    Posted in Environment & Energy, Legislative Activity By Rhett Forman | Tagged , , , , , ,

    Friday’s Bad Bill of the Week on HB 1139 featured just another instance of needless and inefficient “green legislation.” What happens when corporations can’t meet the standards imposed upon them? Yesterday, according to, over six separate utilities corporations, including Progress Energy out of Raleigh, appealed to the Energy Commission for an extension on meeting […]

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