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    Religious Liberty for NC Magistrates

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    Kim Davis, a Kentucky county clerk, spent 5 days in jail for her religious objections to distributing marriage licenses with her name on them to same-sex couples. Her objection has been deemed reasonable as long as she permits her deputy clerks to perform the task of distributing marriage licenses in her stead. Before the national […]

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    Marriage Amendment: odds and ends

    Posted in Life & Family Issues By Bob Luebke | Tagged , ,

    With May fast approaching expect to hear more news about the marriage amendment.  Here are a few snippets… Earlier today Civitas issued a press release which announced support for marriage amendment is holding steady.  The monthly poll found, found 61 percent of respondents supported the amendment. This compares with 62 percent in September and January […]

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    BREAKING NEWS: Prop 8 Overturned in California

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    Chief U.S. District Judge Vaughn Walker ruled that Proposition 8- which legally defined marriage as between a man and a woman—violated the U.S. Constitution. You can read the ruling here and news coverage here and here. Proposition 8 was approved nearly two years ago by voters in California who support marriage as the union between […]

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    Defending marriage in N.C.

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    Saturday’s N&O published my guest column on defending marriage here in North Carolina. The column pointed out that North Carolina is the only state in the southern United States that still does not have a Defense of Marriage Act on the record despite public pressure and bipartisan support in the General Assembly. While some 30 […]

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    In Defense of Marriage

    Posted in Life & Family Issues By Jessica Anderson | Tagged , , ,

    The Durham City Council passed a resolution supporting same-sex marriage on Monday night. WRAL covers the highlights and lowlights of the Monday night meeting here and explains that while Durham council members do not have the authority to change state law, the resolution does show the city’s support for same-sex marriage. The resolution also points […]

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