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    Sanctuary City Protester with Miami Address Votes In Durham County

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    We keep getting new information on the six political activists that were arrested outside of the Governor’s Mansion last Friday. A group of protesters chained themselves together and blocked Blount Street in in order to be arrested. They were protesting Governor McCrory signing of House Bill 318, a law that will, among its provisions, prevent […]

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    Which Is NC's Biggest 'Sanctuary' City

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    At NC Capitol Connection, Matt Caulder updates his look at sanctuary cities in North Carolina. Can you guess which city so far most fervently embraces such policies? Click here to find out.

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    Sanctuary Cities: Chapel Hill, Durham, Carrboro

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    Did you know that immigration offenses usually are civil, not criminal, cases? I didn't. NC Capitol Connection's Matt Caulder has some facts about "sanctuary cities" Durham, Chapel Hill and Carrboro. Read his story here.

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    Who Benefits From Illegal Immigration?

    Posted in Immigration By Jeff Mixon | Tagged , , , ,

    Well, the alien themselves obviously benefit from coming to this country illegally but who else receives benefit from the violation of US sovereignty? Illegal immigration is BIG money.  Mexico's 3rd highest source of income behind oil and offshore US manufacturing comes from illegals working in the US.  $24 Billion was sent from the US to […]

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