McHenry Hunting ACORN

North Carolina Congressman Patrick McHenry has ACORN in his sights and and is readying to take the shot.  At the Sept. 30 hearing conducted by the House Financial Services Committee, as reported by not by CBS, NBC, MSNBC, CNN, New York Times or the Washington Post but by, he was on the hunt.

McHenry had a union boss on the hot seat at the meeting from ACORN’s big labor partner ; the Service Employees International Union (SEIU).  Anna Burger flatly stated that SEIU had cut all ties with ACORN.  McHenry continued to press her for details:

“What was the extent of your financial ties with ACORN?” the congressman asked.

“I will get that information for you for the record,” she said. Called the “queen of labor” by some, Burger is an officer of George Soros’s Democracy Alliance, a left-wing billionaire donors’ collaborative that has steered funds to ACORN. She also chairs the powerful labor federation known as Change to Win.

So the cozy relationship between SEIU and ACORN is over?  Which group wanted to protect its reputation? ACORN or SEIU?

ACORN has long used public sector unions to shakedown politicians to increase their funding and grow their membership.  The election of former Congressman Rod Blagojevich as the Governor of Chicago Illinois is a classic example of the con game run by ACORN.

The unholy alliance between ACORN, Big Labor and Darth Soros is just beginning to be seen in public with the efforts of leaders like McHenry and California Congressman Darrell Issa, the blogs of the right while the mainstream media refuses to run any story connected to ACORN until the Congress symbolically votes to cut their federal funds.

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