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    NC Senate Offers Budget Compromises, Introduces Taxpayer Bill of Rights to Restrain Spending

    Posted in Budget & Taxes, Civitas Review By Brian Balfour | Tagged , , ,

    The Senate Finance Committee has been quite active these past two days. Late yesterday afternoon, they decided to remove key policy provisions from their state budget proposal. In a response to the House and Gov. McCrory's opposition to the Senate's inclusion of Medicaid reform, sales tax distribution changes and economic incentive measures; the Senate stripped […]

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    Senate Budget Would Eliminate Retiree Health Benefits for Future State Workers

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    A major provision in the Senate budget plan has received little attention before now. The Char-O has the details: Future state employees could lose one of the biggest perks of government work: Free health insurance in retirement. The proposed change appears deep within the Senate’s 500-page budget bill and attracted little notice when the budget […]

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    Senate Budget Plan Would Repeal CON Laws

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    Among several differences between the House and Senate budget proposals is the Senate's inclusion of an elimination of North Carolina's Certificate of Need (CON) laws. Matt Caulder at Capitol Connection has a nice summary of the story here. CON laws, which have been in place since 1978, require health care facilities to obtain certificates recognizing […]

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    Senate Budget Plan Includes Sensible Provision to Evaluate Strings Attached to Federal Funds

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    In our recently published "Top Five in 2014" article, Civitas recommended North Carolina examine federal funds coming into the state and evaluate the strings attached. The state's reliance on federal funds has grown dramatically in the last couple of decades, which erodes our state's sovereignty and concentrates more power in DC. The Senate budget proposal […]

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    More on K-12 budgets

    Posted in Budget & Taxes, Education By Bob Luebke | Tagged , ,

    Confused about the differences between the Senate and Governor’s budget for K-12 public schools?  The Office of Fiscal Research produced the following chart detailing where each makes their reductions… Acording to the sheet, the Senate makes approximately $108 million more in reductions than the Governor’s office.  If you're comparing multi-billion dollar budgets, the dollar difference in cuts […]

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