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    Academic Study: NC's Spending Growth "Unsustainable"; Pension Liability Far Larger Than Reported

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    A new study released by the Mercatus Center at George Mason University takes a close look at financial health of North Carolina state government. Among the findings: Real (inflation-adjusted) state spending per capita has increased fourfold in North Carolina since 1970. Three sources of revenue allowed for this increase: (1) tax increases, (2) increased debt, […]

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    State Government's 'Waste of the Week'

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    This week marks a new regular feature by the Civitas Institute entitled "Waste of the Week." Think that NC state government has been "cut to the bone" and has been tightly trimmed to focus exclusively on 'core services' of state gov't? Think again. Each week Civitas will highlight a state government office, agency or expenditure that […]

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    Time to Move on State Pension Reform

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    The N&O offers up this editorial highlighting the findings of their recent series examining some eye-popping compensation packages of state government workers. Among the issues examined in the series was the practice of "spiking" – employees gaming their compensation packages to maximize their pension payouts in retirement. Last week The News & Observer revealed this […]

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    Time to Downsize State Assets?

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    Per this N&O article, House Speaker Thom Tillis has appointed a committee to review state-owned assets and consider selling some of them off. The committee, to be led by Rep. Harold Brubaker, will consider whether the state's ownership of certain assets is necessary, or if a sale would provide a better return and free money […]

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    Agencies Struggle to Define "Critical" Positions

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    On Friday, I wrote about Gov. Perdue's lack of clarity regarding what she envisions to be state government's "core priorities." Unsurprisingly, this lack of vision and definition has resulted in confusion from state agencies as they try to define which positions are "critical" in their agency so as to implement a hiring freeze of non-critical […]

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