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    Much More Needed to Address NC's $25.5 Billion Unfunded Retiree Health Benefit Liability

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    At a Joint Legislative Program Evaluation Oversight Committee meeting Monday, legislators discussed ways to address the state's $25 billion unfunded liability for state retiree health care benefits. The primary recommendation at the meeting was to "force all retirees on the State Health Plan to enroll in Medicare Advantage. The federal plan, a basic version of […]

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    Senate Budget Would Eliminate Retiree Health Benefits for Future State Workers

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    A major provision in the Senate budget plan has received little attention before now. The Char-O has the details: Future state employees could lose one of the biggest perks of government work: Free health insurance in retirement. The proposed change appears deep within the Senate’s 500-page budget bill and attracted little notice when the budget […]

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    Committee Examines State Debt & Liabilities: Outlook is Grim

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    Today the House Select Committee on Legacy Costs from the State Health Plan, Pensions and Employment Security Commission met to discuss the financial condition of those programs. The outlook continues to be grim. Among the findings discussed: State debt is in excess of $7 billion (and that is not counting required interest payments), and state […]

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    Blueprint for State Budget Reform

    Posted in Budget & Taxes By Brian Balfour | Tagged , , , , ,

    At the Civitas Institute's main webpage, we have just concluded posting a four-part series examining options for meaningful budget reform for North Carolina. Here's a sample of the overview: The ongoing state budget “crisis” strongly underscores the urgent need for North Carolina to adapt significant state budget reforms. For several decades, North Carolina has been […]

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    State Lawmakers Take Another Swing at State Health Plan Fix

    Posted in Budget & Taxes, Healthcare, Legislative Activity By Brian Balfour | Tagged , ,

    State lawmakers are taking another crack at crafting legislation to help plug the gaping budget hole in the State Health Plan (SHP). The SHP is the insurance coverage for more than 660,000 state employees, retirees and dependents. Active employees and retirees are provided enrollment into the plan without having to pay anything for their premiums […]

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