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    Senate Budget Plan Includes Retiree Insurance, Pension Reform

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    As highlighted in this Asheville Citizen-Times article, the NC Senate budget proposal  includes measures to address two issues very critical to the long-term fiscal health of the state government: retiree health benefits and realistic measures of the state pension fund. North Carolina lawmakers are looking at changes they say will shore up important benefits for […]

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    State Employee Group Files "Pay to Play" Complaint Against State Treasurer Janet Cowell

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    From the State Employee Association of North Carolina (SEANC) website: The State Employees Association of North Carolina today announced the filing of a complaint with the Securities and Exchange Commission’s Office of the Whistleblower for possible breaches of the SEC’s “pay-to-play” rule involving State Treasurer Janet Cowell, former White House Chief of Staff Erskine Bowles […]

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    State Pension Oversight: Fox Guarding Hen House?

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    Today Forbes has an update written by the investigator hired by the State Employees Association of NC (SEANC) to evaluate NC's state pension system for potential pay to play conflicts. Some interesting snippets: Last week I was surprised to learn that both the North Carolina Department of State Treasurer and the State of Connecticut Office of […]

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    Rapidly Growing Burden of State Retiree Benefits

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    For those paying attention to the cost of state government retirees, primarily the penion plan and health benefits, there is a section in the state budget that is especially instructive as to the growing burden such state retiree benefits is placing on taxpayers. Specifically, in the Senate's proposed budget bill, it is Section 35.15(b) that lets us […]

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    More Realistic Look at State Pension Fund Would Reveal Even Larger Hole

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    In his daily column at Carolina Journal today, John Hood informs us of a potential change in how liabilities for North Carolina's pension plan for retired state teachers and employees is calculated could shed some rather discouraging – but realistic – light onto the true condition of the pension system. Bond-rating agencies and regulators are about to […]

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