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    Is NC Road Bond Idea Slightly Alive?

    Posted in Government, Legislative Activity By Jim Tynen | Tagged , , , , , ,

    You probably remember that classic line from "The Princess Bride:" "It just so happens that your friend here is only MOSTLY dead. There's a big difference between mostly dead and all dead. Mostly dead is slightly alive." That may come to mind if you read about the push for infrastructure bonds, as Matt Caulder details […]

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    Just the Facts, Ma’am, on UNC

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    By Jenna A. Robinson The UNC system likes to boast that it is “one of the strongest and most successful systems of public higher education in the nation.” And in the eyes of higher education elites, it does have much to boast about. The system enrolls more than 200,000 students per year at 16 campuses around North Carolina—now […]

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    Ignore the Doomsayers about UNC's Spellings

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    By Jenna A. Robinson In late October, the Board of Governors of the University of North Carolina announced that Margaret Spellings, Secretary of the Department of Education under President George W. Bush, would become its next president in early 2016. In the days and weeks that followed that announcement, faculty groups, student protestors, and talking […]

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    The Whole Story About UNC Faculty Raises (Or the Supposed Lack Thereof)

    Posted in Miscellaneous By Jim Tynen | Tagged , , , ,

    By Jay Schalin Pity the UNC system faculty, who have only gotten one across-the-board raise in the last four years, and whose average wages have not risen since 2009. Throw in a Republican legislature, a Republican-majority Board of Governors, and a “behind closed door” raise for many of the system’s top administrators, and you have […]

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    Working Hard or Hardly Working?

    Posted in Civitas Review, Education By Civitas Staff | Tagged , ,

    By Jay Schalin University faculty workloads are becoming an important issue in North Carolina and elsewhere. The savings for just slight tweaks in productivity are enormous, in the tens of millions of dollars. (This is primarily about the research schools—the focus at the master’s level schools such as Fayetteville and the liberal arts colleges such […]

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