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    North Carolina 2014 Election Turnout Refutes Claims of Voter Suppression

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    Hans von Spakovsky, in a recent article written for the Heritage Foundation, lays out the facts surrounding the lawsuits that would roll back North Carolina's election reform legislation implemented in 2014. The┬áthree week hearing into VIVA (Voter Information Verification Act) ended on Friday, July 31. It is likely to take weeks for U.S. District Judge […]

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    Vote Law Opponents Stuck in the Past

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    Civitas' Susan Myrick is in Winston-Salem covering a federal court case over whether North Carolina's new voting law is constitutional. She'll be back soon to provide a fuller analysis. But let's look at one thing: How opponents of the law are stuck in the past. As progressives, they constantly tell us they are the wave […]

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    GOP Caves on Voter ID

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    In a stunning development, the General Assembly has virtually repealed the voter ID requirement. Note how on our current web page a featured story by Susan Myrick shows how the actual facts have refuted the claims of opponents of voter ID. Yes, a case was looming in federal court — on an issue in which […]

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    Seeing Jim Crow in the DOJ

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    This article by Hans Von Spakovsky gives me a chance to tell you about a panel discussion taking place in Charlotte on Monday night. Michel Martin of NPR will host the discussion on voting rights and Von Spakovsky will be on the panel along with Janai Nelson of the NAACP Legal Defense and Educational Fund, […]

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    Democrat Officials, Ex-aide Testify on Voter Law

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    Testimony in a challenge to North Carolina's new voter reform law on Monday talked of the fears of minority voters — but the testimony provided little data to back up the charges. A federal judge in Winston-Salem is being asked to halt key sections of the law, including fewer early voting days and the elimination […]

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