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    How the Liberal Left Reacts to Voter Fraud in NC

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    James O'Keefe is in town and talking to campaign workers at early voting – the results are chilling. His video illustrates that the progressive Left accepts voter fraud as a "given" in elections and their poll workers are their to advise and accommodate anyone willing to cheat. Remember every illegal voter disenfranchises a legal voter. […]

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    Florida NBC2 Investigative Reporter Uncovers Voter Fraud

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    The surprise isn't that non-citizens are voting in our elections, its that a reporter for a mainstream media news organization is investigating, verifying and reporting on voter fraud. It really is no surprise that there is voter fraud or that non-citizens register to vote and vote in the U.S. In Florida, as in North Carolina, there […]

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    Students Already have ID

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    As the State Senate continues to debate HB 589 VIVA, Voter Information Verification Act, it's always interesting to find the little facts that make liberals arguments look so lame. Here's one or their complaints: Voter ID will disenfranchise college students who do not have ID cards. Maybe people will be surprised and maybe a few […]

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    Press Conference on the 2013 Voter Photo ID Bill

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    North Carolina's Voter Photo ID legislation will be a phase in style bill and not completely effective until 2016.   Soft launches in 2014 election. The bill will be filed today (April 4, 2013) Government issued ID's with either an issue or expiration date will be accepted Will accept out-of-state drivers licenses! Extensive outreach program ID's […]

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    Voter Fraud (and a lot of it) Does Exist

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    The Pasquotank County Board of Elections will hold hearings to determine whether 60 voters falsely claimed 1704 Weeksville Rd (an Elizabeth City State University address) as their residence address. The hearings will be held on April 18 and 19, 2013. Four voters were challenged before the certification of the November 2012 election, all four challenges were […]

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