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    Must See Video of Voter Impersonation!

    Posted in Elections & Campaigns, Politicians & Politicking By Susan Myrick | Tagged , ,

    This is how voter impersonation works. If these men had not refused the ballots, they would have voted without ever being detected.   How do we know this isn't happening in every election in North Carolina? We don't. I can hear the echos of the opponents of voter ID this year – Voter ID is a […]

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    Proof Deceased are Voting in North Carolina

    Posted in Elections & Campaigns By Susan Myrick | Tagged , , ,

    Isn’t it funny typical of the mainstream media that when voter fraud is discovered in North Carolina, they make a joke of it?  The News and Observer’s article titled Zombie Voters in Washington County? included accounts of dead voters voting and mishandled absentee ballots.  The Fayetteville Observer carries the Zombie gag one step further in editorializing […]

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