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    House Budget: Pork and Crony Handouts Galore

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    The NC House is set to debate its budget proposal today, and much will be written about the details this week. But two sections in particular have several items of note to keep in mind in the face of claims of "fiscal responsibility" coming from House members. "Commerce-State Aid", found on Page H-31 and 32 […]

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    All Aboard! Empty "Express" Buses are Waste of the Week

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    $110 per round-trip commute. That's what taxpayers are paying to subsidize riders of the Johnston County Express. The Express is a bus service established to help alleviate traffic headaches for commuters during the Fortify 40/440 project. But high costs and low ridership have turned this service into Civitas' Waste of the Week. The Express has […]

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    The Hunt Institute: Taxpayer-Funded Advocacy

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    This week's edition of the Waste of the Week is the Hunt Institute. The UNC-Chapel Hill affiliate has been receiving millions of taxpayer dollars for years to advance highly politicized public education policies. The Institute is not some neutral research center offering unbiased advice on how to improve education. Rather, it admittedly wants to “mobilize […]

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    Waste of the Week: UNC-TV

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    This week the Civitas Institute's "Waste of the Week" spotlights North Carolina's taxpayer subsidized television station: UNC-TV. Here is a slice: State tax dollars provide about half of the annual revenue for UNC-TV’s operations, and in addition UNC-TV received $78 million in taxpayer dollars for capital expenses from 2000 to 2011, according to news reports. […]

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    Waste of the Week: Taxpayer-Funded Museum for Banjo Player

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    In the second installment of the Civitas Institute's new feature entitled "Waste of the Week," we spotlight the new Earle Scruggs Center, a museum dedicated to the deceased banjo player that received $250,000 in taxpayer dollars in this year's budget. The funds were directed to the Scruggs Center via a “state aid” appropriation from the […]

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