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    TN. Court Tosses Lawsuit Challenging New Voter ID Law

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    There's good news, coming out of Tennessee. J. Christian Adams reports, in his article for P.J. Media, that a federal court in Tennessee has thrown out a lawsuit brought by the Green Party challenging that state's voter ID law. Adams says that United States District Court Judge Ronnie Greer relied on the Crawford v. Marion […]

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    William Barber Refuses to Answer Questions

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    If you haven't already seen this video of David Webb trying to ask William Barber a couple of questions at the march in downtown Raleigh last Saturday - its worth your time. Webb Webb is a local and syndicated talk show host, who attempted to ask William Barber, president NC NAACP, a question or two at the march […]

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    Render Unto Caesar

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    the Things that are Caesar's William Barber, president of the NC NAACP, visited South Carolina on Sunday to give a "pre-Martin Luther King Day" speech at Zion Baptist Church in Columbia to Columbia and South Carolina NAACP members and guests. Being that it was a speech in a church and in memory of the great […]

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    The Hypocrisy of 'Moral Mondays'

    Posted in Politicians & Politicking, Public Safety By Lee Brett | Tagged , , , , , , , ,

    Throughout the saga of so-called “Moral Mondays,” protest organizers and media talking-heads drew frequent comparisons to the civil rights movement. William Barber, the protest ringleader, often invoked the term “civil disobedience” to describe the actions of protesters. But Barber seems to be conveniently forgetting a crucial part of civil disobedience: consequences. Three of the most […]

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    The Circus Goes On: ‘Moral Mondays’ and the Media

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    It would be hard to fully catalog the incidences of liberal media bias in recent coverage of the so-called “Moral Monday” protest. From wildly inflated estimates of crowd sizes to open solidarity with protesters, the coverage of Moral Monday – from a journalistic standpoint – has been an absolute travesty. However, this morning’s article in the […]