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    Makin Shur Fax r write

    Posted in Legislative Activity By Jim Tynen | Tagged ,

    WRAL has a blog post misspelling the name of Rep. Jim Fulghum: Among Republicans, Rep. Jim Fulgham, R-Wake, voted against the measure both times. Click on the image at right to see the original. A quick survey of the "news" site's archives shows the same misspelling on a number of other posts, going back months. […]

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    WRAL Shows Up Late

    Posted in Crime, Legislative Activity By Civitas Staff | Tagged ,

    BREAKING NEWS: WRAL has published a database of all the protesters arrested at the General Assembly. WRAL broke down arrests by county, sex, race, political registration … Wait a second. This isn't breaking news at all. This is what the Civitas Institute did a month ago. And boy, did people howl. Liberal outrage centered on the belief that Civitas […]

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    What WRAL Isn't Telling You About BlueprintNC

    Posted in Legislative Activity, Politicians & Politicking By Francis De Luca | Tagged , , ,

    While the media is reporting on an important political story, WRAL is leaving out key information about its deep connections to the group at the center of the story . The Charlotte Observer posted a story on BlueprintNC, a liberal group responsible for coordinating activities on the left, after a "confidential" 38 page strategy memo was leaked. Wral picked […]

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    WRAL reporter Laura Leslie Gives Opinion, Not Facts in Veto Story

    Posted in Elections & Campaigns, Politicians & Politicking By Francis De Luca | Tagged , , ,

    In a news story yesterday WRAL Capitol Bureau Chief Laura Leslie (fresh from public Radio) talks quotes Rep. Rick Glazier (D- Cumberland) as saying the session was unconstitutional. Leslie goes on to say "The override process could also be unconstitutional. Republican lawmakers didn't follow the constitutional procedure to call themselves into session, opting instead for a […]

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    Questionable Analysis Favors Progressive/Liberal Agenda

    Posted in Elections & Campaigns By Susan Myrick | Tagged , , , ,

      WRAL has obtained an “analysis” by the State Board of Elections that concludes there are more than 1 million voters in NC that “don't have a driver's license or photo ID issued by the Division of Motor Vehicles.”  Since WRAL did not offer up the analysis (I hope they will soon) we can only […]

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