Major Surgery Can Cure ObamaCare

There is a way to stop ObamaCare.

But like any major surgery, taking out Obamacare will require strong nerves.

At a town hall event in Wilmington, Civitas President Francis De Luca pointed out how it can be done. (He’s on at the 1:30 mark.)

It’s very simple: Our elected representatives just have to slice spending for Obamacare out of the budget. Under the Constitution, they have authority to cut off spending for the program. If they have the guts to do so.

Meanwhile, the bad news keeps coming. Advocates of the health-care law say it was needed because millions of people couldn’t get health insurance. Well, when ObamaCare goes fully into effect … 30 million people will still lack health insurance.


Meanwhile, news reports say “The AFL-CIO is poised to approve a resolution harshly critical of ObamaCare.

When a key part of the Democratic Party’s base is rebelling, you know things are bad.

The worst part, one observer says, is that ObamaCare is already decades out of date. The whole ObamaCare scheme is based on assumptions that have been overturned by new research, even as new technology offers new ways of getting and staying healthy.

We can replace knees and hips and shoulders, and even lungs and hearts. So we can replace Obamacare  — if we and our elected representatives have the courage to seize them.

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