William Barber Rakes in Taxpayer Dollars – Leads — Moral (no it is) — Money Mondays!

While the Rev. William Barber, head of the NCNAACP, likes to call opponents extremists and rant about the immorality of legislative actions, he never mentions one important detail concerning his personal interest. An organization associated with his church, Rebuilding Broken Places Community Development Corporation, of which he is the founder and still chairman, has bellied up to the taxpayer buffet to the tune of over $1.15 million in recent years. A quick search shows some but not all of the taxpayer dollars garnered by his organization (State Agencies come from NC Open Book:

State Agency

Child Nutrition Programs

Dept. of Health and Human Services


State Agency

Not Listed

Not Listed


State Agency

Support Our Students

Dept. of Public Safety


State Agency

Dropout Prevention Grant

Dept. of Public Instruction


State Funded

Econ Dev & Capacity Building

NC Rural Center


State Funded

Capacity Building (Jan 2013)

NC Community Dev. Initiative


 Tentative Total


As the head of the NCNAACP and the organizer of the Historic Thousands on Jones Street (HKonJ), he is the originator and ringmaster of the “Moral Money Monday” protests. Barber has said in many places that the HKonJ organizations are the organizers and force behind the “Moral Money Monday” protests.

It is a collection of groups that, like Barber’s group, has benefited handsomely from taxpayer dollars. While he cloaks his actions in morality and even the trappings of Christianity, going as far as wearing religious garb at the protests, his interest is really about that least religious of concerns – Mammon, or money.

He and his cohorts in the HKonJ organizing group do not want to lose access or control of the taxpayers’ dollars. This may very well happen if the current legislature continues to reduce taxes, reform government and stop funding special-interest groups.

So remember from now on to refer to the Monday protests by their proper name !Moral Money Monday” !

Hit By Lightning, Attacked By Bear, Legislation Pending

Well, not exactly, but you have to wonder if the legislature might be eager to help this “victim” of lightning and mauling.  The legislature went full till after video poker, errr, sweepstakes machines because the machines literally attack poor people in the streets and in their homes.  Without stopping to solve the budget woes, they went forcefully after the machines led by the Sen. Josh Stein (D-Wake and former head of Self Help whose brother ran the Center For Responsible Lending which helped usher in the mortgage meltdown.)

So, I guess Stein and Co. might just have to pass some legislation against lightning or bears in some way.  I mean, this fella’ was just a victim and Stein should be concerned.  The difference is that you can really avoid sweepstakes machines, but Stein and the rest of the senate doesn’t think your smart enough to do so on your own.

“They represent gambling on a massive commercialized scale,” said Sen. Josh Stein

Hmm. . doesn’t he support the NC Educational Lottery?  Oh and Harrah’s Casino in Cherokee?  I think it is you Sen. Stein who also represents gambling on a massive commercialized scale with taxpayer dollars.