“Abortion – Women’s Right to Know Act” Gives Women Choices

According to a recent Civitas poll, 56% of North Carolina voters support the “Abortion – Women’s Right to Know Act.” This proposed piece of legislation requires doctors to provide women seeking abortions with an ultrasound, information on alternatives to abortion, and 24-hour waiting period before the abortion is performed.

Not only does this proposed act increase the seriousness of a decision to have an abortion by creating more closely guarded rules for the procedure, it will also work to provide women with a clear understanding of their options and the opportunity to reconsider once presented with alternatives.

If passed, this act will be a terrific step towards increasing awareness of a host of organizations that offer counseling and assistance in choosing alternatives to abortion, and it could lessen the probability of post-abortion regret.

House Bill 854, “Abortion – Women’s Right to Know Act,” is currently in the House Appropriations Subcommittee on Health and Human Services.